breaking the rules of obsession!

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  1. I have been extremely picky about my bags/accessories over the past year and have finally settled on at least TWO items that I can't bear to even switch out! (my holiday patchwork wristlet and my tattersall coin purse)

    Anyone else have this "problem"? I kept thinking I would at least want a new wristlet that is more "spring-ish" but I just can't stop using this one!

    I feel good that i'm not thinking about spending a ton of money on new stuff, but at the same time I feel a little lost without a lengthy wishlist :nogood:

    So, ladies (and maybe some guys!?), what are you FAVORITE, hurts-to-use-something-else items??
  2. My Sig Stripe tote... until I get my Carly next month :P
  3. Same here! I love my sig stripe tote!
  4. carly! but actually i carry the same accessories everyday: LV cles, LV agenday, coach compact clutch in khaki sig and coach wristlet (bleeker black isg)
  5. My Holiday Patchwork Lg. Ziparound wallet - unless I'm going on vacation and using a smaller wallet, I only use one wallet - pretty much until it goes to "wallet heaven" and then I search for the next perfect wallet and the cycle begins again. Also, my cell phone case (denim w/ blk leather from years ago) and my Ocelot business card case - they remain in my bag no matter what.
  6. My large pink heritage tote. It's too big for my everyday needs, but every time I go to switch out of it I just feel SAD so I don't :lol: For some reason that bag just makes me smile.

    I have a feeling once I finally use my khaki/turquoise Carly I'll feel the same way.
  7. MY carly bag. I have been trying not to use her as much because I'm afraid of the fraying again. But, everytime I use her, I'm in love and I hate to switch to a different bag. Usually I use the black/white signature stripe tote or my pink heritage stripe tote. When I use those bags, I'm thinking about carly. Sad, very very sad.

  8. Isn't Holiday Patchwork the BEST!? :girlsigh: