Breaking the $1000. threshold

  1. Let me start by saying I haven't. However, my bags have become more expensive, and my shopping more focused.
    I'm curious for those of you who have broken the $1000. mark for a single handbag purchase, how long were you collecting (in years, or in handbags) before you got there?
  2. My quilted Marc Jacobs small MP made me break that mark but that's the only one. I'd say it's been about 6 years since I got my first designer bag. But there again I had a extra spending cash and I was in love with the bag and still am!
  3. Close to a year. I started with Coach then tried Balenciaga then LV but then I gave up on them and went back to Coach! 1k bags are too much of a hassle!
  4. I think that part of it with me is that my dad was the one originally funding my bags. After I started, I bought 2 before I broke the $1000 range. I think I may have done it sooner had something come along that really caught my eye.
  5. In what way?
  6. When my shoes starting costing more than my bags, I started climbing up
  7. I broke the 1k threshold with my LV Palermo was techincally under 1k, but with shipping, it was like $1056. ;p I guess it was kind of my first HG bag! (and then a few days later I shelled out another 1k on a LV Cerises Bucket bag!) Stop me now!!!
  8. I still haven't and I can't see myself doing it time soon unless I want to be homeless. There are a lot of bags I have my eye on though which are in that price range.
  9. Ugh ... have been eying a Dior Gaucho for years and years, and finally made a decision to get it - a brand new from - and that was my very first ... The problem is that there are sooo many other bags I would also like to have, and unfortunately most of them go for prices over 1k - and this forum is NOT helping me overcoming this addiction (that is what it's for, right? :angel:)
  10. With my first chanel a half year ago... it was about 1990 usd (1450euros). Luckily my dad paid for it. But it was a huge step and I must say it is tricky, because you tend to think of 600euro bags as bargains sometimes!
    But I have a serieus conversation about this with myself every now and then ;) that it really isn't and this huge purchases should be rare and really special...
  11. I bought my LV Babylone nearly two years ago when it was $990, and while it was an impulse purchase, it made me rethink my emotional addiction to handbags. I doubt I'll venture into that territory again unless it's another bag that will last and last and last. I've loved one Chanel bag and one Dior bag, but I can't bring myself to spend that much.
  12. I started with 9 West and Liz Claiborne then I went to Coach and Dooney. I was collecting for about 3 years before I got to an $1800 Chloe Paddington. Now most of my bags are over $1000. I wish I still liked the $300 ones. :sad:
  13. I just jumped right in! I was carrying a $50 Urban Outfitters bag (and I debated forever to buy it!) when I got a new job and bought a $1500 silver mini paddington (which I'm thinking of selling soon). Now I have a huge collection and a whole range of bags, from lesportsac to bottega.
  14. 1st bag. LV Damier Nolita. $1090.
  15. I have broken 1K mark on my BALLY bag last year. I purchased it in Amsterdam, in airport. I was really happy and crazy about my new bag...
    But. It is BUT
    Couple days ago I saw that bag on line for $560.00
    Well, I guess I had my joy:yes: