Breaking some kind of rule? :D

  1. hehe I'm just curious XD

    I planned on going across to Hermes after I finish buying my bags at Louis Vuitton and purchasing one of the Twilly Scarves. If I like it, I will buy more, as I wanted to use it as both a hair band of sorts and to tie onto my LV >_> So, here's my dumb question: am I breaking any unspoken fashion rules by tying an Hermes scarf onto my LV :p

    Sorry if I don't reply, off to class!
  2. NOOOO!!!
    of course u can do that as long as it looks cute :p

    congrats on ur twilly...
  3. I hope not....I put a hermes twilly through the rivets of my red epi petite noe bag. It's so pretty!
  4. None at all! Hermes has such an exquisite selection of scarfs, etc. The only big faux pas would be to tie one with "Hermes" written all over it on a LV monogram bag.....too many monograms clashing! In fact I prefer Hermes scarves, pocket squares & twillys over LVs selection.
  5. No, but you HAVE made me Jealous........ is there a rule to be broken about amking fellow tpf sisters jealous?:crybaby:
  6. of course its ok!

  7. I agree with this totally. but, that goes without saying, in fashion sense. BUT, If you are already buying LV and hermes, you know your fashion basics!
  8. No, I mix all the time!
  9. As longs as it looks good, I think it's fine. I wear all sorts of labels at once. LOL. But, I do try to wear pieces with little or no logos.
  10. I'm definately calling the purse police!:smile: :roflmfao: :smile:
  11. it is greath to mix!