Breaking: School shooting in Cleveland

  1. here we go again...

    Report: Teen gunman killed after shooting spree in school
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    • NEW: Student said to be upset over suspension
    • Student reportedly opens fire in Cleveland, Ohio
    • At least two, as many as four people reported hurt
    • It's not known whether gunman died by own hand
    (CNN) -- A teenage gunman was killed Wednesday after going on a shooting spree at a high school in Cleveland, Ohio, according to police and media reports.

    The 14-year-old student was killed after the shooting rampage in which two teachers were shot, CNN affiliate WOIO reported.

    It wasn't known whether police shot the youth or he killed himself. He reportedly was upset about a suspension.

    At least two people and perhaps as many as four were wounded at SuccessTech Academy, a high school in downtown Cleveland, according to reports.

    Two students were taken to hospitals, said Andrea Jackson, press secretary for Cleveland's mayor. One was taken out of the school on a stretcher but was conscious.

    Cleveland fire, police and EMS are at the scene, as is Mayor Frank Jackson.
    CNN affiliate WKYC reported four were wounded.

    The academy describes itself on its Web site as a "small, nontraditional high school that provides a learning environment in which all student believe in their ability to succeed."

    It adds that the curriculum is "problem-based" and "infused" with technology.

    The school occupies three floors of a multistory downtown building that also houses businesses and organizations.
  2. How disturbing....
  3. At least so far it looks like only the gunman is dead.
  4. My community went through this in May, it was a horrible time for all. I will pray!
  5. And where did the 14-year-old's gun come from? From the inexhaustible supply the NRA insists everyone has a "right" to.
  6. ^^

    The problem is that guns will always be available even on the black market, so guns controls don't affect that. I'd bet the child's parent had the gun at home and it was not locked up. Where I live, parents can be prosecuted if their child gains access to their gun(s) and uses it. The real problem is the psychology around these shootings. When I was young, guns were completely unregulated and yet these shootings never happened, EVER.
  7. ^^ When you were young, there were MUCH fewer guns in private hands. There were no guns on the unregulated internet. There were no cheap guns passed around in kid gangs.
    You have to register a car.
    You have to have a license to drive it.
    When you drive, you have to obey laws.
    But deadly weapons? No, any red-blooded, right-wing stumblebum moron can have his gun!!!

  8. i'd seriously consider checking both your facts and your attitude if i were you. by NO MEANS am i conservative, but not only are you just dead wrong on most of the facts you quote, but your attitude is offensive. this section of the forum can't exist if people can not contribute in a respectful and intelligent way, so if you enjoy it, please try to reflect your desire for its continued existence in your posts.

  9. Actually, statistically, there were more 30 years ago and they were easier to buy. No waiting periods, background checks, etc. In fact, for a long time you could get certain guns through the mail with no checks on you. That's how Lee Harvey Oswald got the rifle he used to shoot President Kennedy with. I do think though that the whole assault rifle phenom didn't exist then. But there were handguns EVERYWHERE.
  10. Also the gun issue is a really hot issue with most people. I am a gun owner and have been for years, and I have mixed feelings about the whole issue. I think gun violence is a symptom of a greater and larger problem around violence in our culture. I think that Michael Moore illustrated this point beautifully in "Bowling for Columbine".
  11. What is unfortunate about headlines like this is that they are becoming wayyyy to commonplace in our society....
  12. I was downtown today at the University when it happened :sad: One of the girls in my Brit Lit class was doing her student teaching there before being transfered last week.

    There was a bit of chaos in downtown Cleveland. In between having to deal with the events of the shooting, the fire alarms went off on campus today at Cleveland State causing ALOT of the students to be outside for almost 20-30 minutes in the pouring rain. There were police cars and firetrucks that had to come to secure the school before students were let back in.

    BTW as an update:

    it looks like the kid turned the gun on himself in the end.

    He also just got off of house monitoring after being convicted of domestic violence.

    (this is coming from the local newstation wkyc in cleveland... Im watching the news)
  13. so sad. I can believe this is happening again!
  14. Another shooting? omg!