Breaking out the Spring Bag!

  1. SO what if its going to be below freezing all this week? I miss my scarf ergo so you know what, I'm going to use it! Maybe it will bring some early spring weather luck! Here are some pics. I made her all up for our day out tomorrow. :yahoo:
  2. Great bag! I pulled out my lime green soho hobo last night...I miss her!
  3. your bag is really cute!!!
  4. Wow your scarf ergo looks so cute!
  5. that's the spirit!!! :yahoo:
  6. Thanks everyone! I was going through my bags giving them a little wash with baby wipes and I had to use this one. I missed her so much!
  7. Very cute! I always liked the scarf print bags but never bought one because I was afraid I would get it too dirty.
  8. thats what i thought to.. cause of the white at the bottom
  9. That's such a cute bag!!! Love it! It's so funny....I was just thinking today of how much I want it to be spring, so I can break out my Spring Patchwork tote....I miss it...I wore it all last summer...I miss it.
  10. I'm carrying my yellow bleeker duffle this week and I love her!
    She is bright and cheery and making me yearn for spring!
  11. I'm using my spring bag too!
  12. man, i wish i could! it is -10 celcius here w snow again. sigh.
  13. That is a beautiful bag! Enjoy your outing with it today!
  14. I love the blue scarf with that bag! The skull fob also looks great!
  15. Cute bag. Enjoy your day out with her. :smile: