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  1. sorry for the dramatic title.
    this just jumped out at me and i'm busy doing something else so i wanted to post the info asap as it's interesting on so so so many levels.
    here it is if the link doesn't work. i'll post the pic separately (from fashionweekdaily:

    (PARIS) Susan Casden, couture client and Hermès bag fiend, became a proud new parent last Monday, when her custom-designed rouge “Susie Casden” Hermès adjustable shoulder bag arrived in time for the start of the fall couture shows. “I guess it’s called ‘the Susan’,” she quipped from the front row of the Armani Privé show. Featuring the signature Birkin closure, the roomy hold-all boasts a multitude of storage compartments, including one outside pouch, one zipper pouch inside, and four additional pockets and a zippered key pouch on the side. “All the Hermès bags are so formal,” Casden, who lives in Los Angeles and has countless Hermès bags, explained, adding that she plans to order the style in black matte crocodile for everyday, as well as orange. “The shoulder Birkin was quite cumbersome. This one I can take anywhere with ease.” Casden, who waited one year after meeting with Hermès designers last July and traveled to Paris three to four times to monitor its progress, shied away from revealing its price, but said it was similar to a standard Birkin. What’s more, those wanting the same-style bag will have to have Casden’s written-expressed permission. The pricy arm candy has already caught the eye of another Hermès fan—Glenda Bailey—who had it shot for the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar.
  2. pic from fashionweekdaily:
  3. HH - Thanks for that GREAT FIND!! You find the cooliest things about Hermes stuff! The bag is pretty cute and in matte all the pockets! Can't wait to be able to see IRL someday.:smile::heart:
  4. HH, thanks!!
  5. ahhermeslover what a sweet thing to say. hermes manages to distract me no matter what i'm doing. lol i can't get away from it. (not really a bad thing considering how happy it makes me)
    now we know to look out for the sept. bazaar - interesting amount of support bazaar is showing hermes...
  6. Wow - I wonder whether it will eventually be available at stores. I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures in Harpers.
  7. so interesting about the written consent being required - that's pretty intense.
    and this is surely a SO, if ever there was one. makes sense to order 3 after that much goes into it. one year - for a bag from absolute scratch, she waited on year.

  8. HH - Your Welcome!:heart:

    I saved my July issue....told my mom and grandma NOT to mark it up. Can't wait for my Sept. issue to come out. I love my BAZAAR subscription!:yes:
  9. AWESOME H-news HH. Thanks for posting this. I actually love the way the bag looks. I'm hoping demand for the bag will be pretty huge so as to do away with the written-permission bit from Ms. Casden. Leave it to Glenda Bailey to pick it up for Bazaar; probably another reason why I've come to love Harper's so much--H is featured in there all the time.
  10. What a great bag, I can't wait to get my Bazaar. Thank you for posting this HH.
  11. Thank you, HH for posting such an interesting thread.

    Talk about bespoke H bags.
  12. HiHeels - I'm goona get you a felt hat with a press card in it!

    Nice work Scoop ;)
  13. You're the best, HH, :heart:!! Your threads are always so informative and thought provoking. And now this great pic. and blurb. While this bag is not exactly what I would design if given carte-blanche with the craftsmen, it is nevertheless a testament to Hermes that she was able to create it. And who knows, it might look great with different angles in Sept.'s Bazaar. Thanks again!
  14. Thank you for the post. Always good to know new info. Now for the opinion. I don`t really like it. I think it looks like some thing from Mark Jacobs or any other Utility bag design,Hermes should consider clean classic designs.