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  1. That is quite cute!!
  2. That was very cute but your title scared the heck outta me!
  3. That was adorable
  4. That was awesome!!! I love Snoopy and his moves!
  5. :graucho:

    psych! :lol:
  6. cute :smile:
  7. Aww this is cute! thanks for posting, I love snoopy
  8. OMG sooooo cute!!!! :nuts:
  9. Cute! Like pink floyd and wizard-of-oz.
  10. This song still makes me feel upbeat!
    Great youtube vid, thx!
  11. The twins are dancing almost like the ladies in the video!

    This is SO cute!
  12. :smile:
  13. Oh, I love "Peanuts". I remember when that program first came out in the 60's.

    Great clip, thanks Roo!
  14. aw cute lol