Breaking News From CNN: One Of The Climbers Found Dead

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  1. Oh no. I wonder where the other two are????
  2. This story has been painful for me to follow.

    One of my colleagues at the university I used to work for, died climbing Mt. Hood several years ago. In his case, it was due to an avalanche.

    I loved the mountain before that, but have never looked at in the same way again.

    I just pray that the other two hikers (two hikers had gone on for help while the one who was unable to, stayed in a snow cave) are still alive.
  3. My father was avid and experienced at winter mountaineering. he climbed all of 46 peaks of the Adirondack mountains in the winter. It is very scary though...He has had a lot of stories to tell.
  4. That is sad :cry: One of my coworkers works with ski patrol on the mountain, so it's been a topic at work for a while.
  5. 2 of the guys are/were from Dallas, it's been all over the news night/day here:cry: Really sad :sad:
  6. I was hoping that they'd be brought to safety and I was really sad to hear about this! I hope the other two are found alive soon!
  7. I'd not heard about this story, gosh that's so awful for all the families involved. I hope that the other two climbers involved are found alive and well.