Breaking my dog's messy habit...

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  1. Ever since my little guy was a puppy (he's now 2) he has been a trouble maker when it comes to his water bowl. He has a habit of putting his paws in the bowl and scooping out the water... which obviously causes a mess. The thing is, he'll do that even after we had some serious play I know he's thirsty, but all he does is put his paws in the bowl. I pick up the bowl at least a handful of times during the day when he starts to do his thing (btw, I never would let him die of thirst.. sometimes I'll hold the bowl for him or I'll just give him water out of my cup). I've tried using a few different types of bowls but still no success. I know this isn't a MAJOR issue but it is causing problems with the hardwood floor in that area so it's getting very frustrating. He's a Bichon Frise btw. Any suggestions are appreciated!
  2. You can always put a rectangular baking pan under the dog bowl. So whenever plays with the water, it will go to the pan instead. Get a pan that's big enough for the bowl. I do that at home too since my dog always drinks like a slob. Seems like he puts his whole chin in the water and when he's done drinking, he would carry a whole bunch of water with him on the chin.

    Or you can use a spray bottle full of water and spray at him whenever he puts his paw in the water. This will teach him not to do it. So do it everytime he does that until he learns not to.