Breaking in the new Rock and Chain Flap + New glasses!

  1. Made new glasses today :] And no hahah I didn't deliberately choose Chanel, I just really liked the fit! :smile:

    Also, picture of my mom's bag, sorry, it's kinda lousy shot, cuz I took it in the car.

    Anyway off to pack going to HK, Tokyo, Macau (to return the lambskin flap!) will try steal pictures of the shops there :]
    potoday! - 15.jpg potoday! - 04.jpg Photo 184.jpg potoday! - 23.jpg
  2. Wow, you are too cute. Love the bag and glasses.
  3. Cute. Have fun
  4. The Rock and Chain flap looks great on you!! Love the glasses, have fun! :smile:
  5. great! thanks for sharing and have a good trip!:yes:
  6. Haha thanks guys!! My sister was like, 'you look so brandwhore I'm sick of seeing that interlocking C!!!" and I'm like, uhhh wait til I wear chanel shoes.. chanel tweed :p jacket... chanel headband.. with chanel earrings and bracelets then maybe you can call me that :p
  7. They both loog great on you!!! Congrats!
  8. LOL..U are too cute..LOVE the glasses and the bag..You rock them!
  9. Beauties all of you!
  10. You're adorable, great picks!
  11. you're fabulous!
  12. the glasses look fab on you! i can see why you chose them, nice choice!
  13. The glasses are super cute on you!:girlsigh:
    Love the rock & chain flap too! :love:
  14. You are just so cute! Love the bag and sunglasses. Have a good trip!
  15. Too Cute! Have fun on your trip :smile: