Breaking in the First...

  1. Gosh I'm full of questions today...:rolleyes:

    Ok I had decided the First style was too small for me. I carry lots of stuff, generally - water bottle, wallet, cosmetic bag, phone, agenda, pashmina (almost need it more in the summer, I swear places like Trader Joe's think summertime means they have to turn on the arctic wind!)...

    Then I saw Kirsten Dunst's First (and I'm not sure I inserted the pic correctly, lemme know):


    which looks quite worn in (it's an oldie, right?), and I just freaking love the way it looks! The structure of the First is a bit stiff but I wonder, does it just get softer and softer (the structure, not the leather, which is already amazing) - hers looks like a twiggy, almost. do you really have to beat it up, hang-it-from-doorknobs-with-a-brick-inside kind of treatment to get it to look more like that? Any thoughts? TIA :flowers:
  2. oh poo. how do I get the url of my pic?
  3. Click on the yellow box with a mountain on it, next to the globe. :smile:
  4. ack sorry for my stupidity but I did do that, I clicked on the yellow box with the mountain but I don't know what to put when it asks for the url of my pic starts with C:\Documents..........

    anyway, I've attached it the easy way....
  5. I know what you mean... I've been wanting a black First but was hesitant to get such a small bag. Now that it is summer, it would be nice to carry a lightweight small bag. I'm really getting over my Chloe Front Pocket paddy!
    I love the look, but it's like carrying one of my little dogs around all day:sweatdrop:
  6. :roflmfao: Yes, I know what you mean!!

    Well, I'm a newbie, since I bought my first city in june.. but in july I bought a 2004 First and I love her!
    Because it's perfect for summer, when you don't have to carry the whole house with you, it's so light. To go out in the evening is so cute and versatile..And the 2004 I found is sooo soft. So, bellenuit, I think, if you like that kind of vintage look, start searching for a 2004-2005 one. :yes:
  7. I want a black First! Such a good size for me!
  8. I wish Balenciaga would make something in between the city and the first. I have heard so many people complain about the same thing and I love the look of them both but sometimes the first is too small and the city is too big.
  9. I agree. I have both and the First is almost but not quite big enough for a daytime bag. It would be perfect just a tiny bit larger. I have excess space in a City and it bends too much.
  10. good points, everyone - I will look into the older ones for a more vintage look - and I suppose, I do need a smaller bag for when my hubby and I go to dinner and I don't necessarily need the kitchen sink with me. Or even shopping (depending on the kind of shopping, of course) - sometimes my back hurts from carrying around a larger bag that can fit more. ALSO, when I'm not off in another city, working and walking everywhere, I'm home driving in my car. The car turns into a holdall of sorts, doesn't it? And I can just pop into the grocery with a lighter bag....

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :sneaky::graucho:
  11. I have a '05 Black First, and I adore it. :heart:

    Good luck with your decision... though I don't think you can go wrong with either a First or City!
  12. I love the look of her bag as well. I think going with an older worn in bag is your best bet. These bags just get better with age and use.:tup:
  13. I think the original question is about breaking in a new one though, something I'd like to know too. I have a new First that seems to be resistant to breaking in...does it just take time? Is it best to hang it with heavy objects like I've done before with other bags?
  14. I'd use lotion for a quick fix. Lubriderm has been used here before. I personally use apple leather care and wilsons.
  15. hey marchgirl, thanks for getting me back on topic! yes, my AnthraFirst is gorgeous leather and floppy everywhere except the top - that band around the top edge of the bag, it seems that's the hard part to break in? Maybe lotion like LivLux says? Or maybe massage? I massaged the heck out of my former Aquamarine Day and it was SO much better than when I got it...maybe I'll try massage first....?