Breaking in New Shoes: Tips and Strategies?

  1. Even shoes that are supposed to be "super comfortable" have their softening up period -- does anyone have a strategy for breaking in their shoes that makes it a little more bearable?

    Maybe start out wearing them around the house for a couple hours a day?

    Wear them with band-aids in places where you blister?

    I also have a friend who recommends putting vaseline on your feet where the shoe is rubbing, but I don't want to ruin my shoes...
  2. No one?

    Maybe I just need to break in my feet. They are used to being kept in socks. Do those of you who wear shoes without socks or nylons find that you had to toughen up your feet for a certain period, maybe get some callouses? That's kind of what I want; I don't want to get blisters every single time I buy cute new shoes. I can take care of my feet with soaking and pedicures when they need it, but I don't want to be stuck in sneakers and boring loafers forever.
  3. maybe no one is replying b/c no one has an answer, gosh i would love to know this too.. for me, even after i break in a pair of shoes, if i dont wear them for a while then wear them again they will hurt again, just not as bad as the first few times
  4. i wish i could help but i have such baby-feet they hate new shoes too :sad: that's why i make my mother who has feet of steel break my shoes in for me...even sneakers!!:roflmfao:
  5. Let a man wear them -if he agrees to this. It's hard to convince most but if you have a gay friend he probably wont mind.
  6. Maybe that's why most of my shoes are uncomfortable... I don't wear them enough to break them in... I usually just baby them and keep them pristine on my shelf, lol.

    To make them more comfy, I buy Dr.Scholl's heel pads (stick to back of heels) and the thin gel straps that I layer underneath the straps or side edges (because edges can dig into your feet sometimes and hurt)
  7. I ALWAYS buy Dr. Scholl's For Her gel inserts for my flats and pumps at the first sign of discomfort/lack of support. What I have found in the past is that I have to suffer through an initial hell-day where I get terrible blisters...then wait a week or two for those blisters to completely heal. After that, I find that the shoes are much, much more comfortable.
  8. Thanks everyone. And no man I know would be able to fit into my shoes! (I wear a 6)

    I'm okay with the blisters and suffering if it means my feet will grow some thicker skin.
  9. If you are talking about your new flats, I would get some shoe liner stockings--Hue has a lot of them, which I wear with my ballet flats all the time--truly helps, especially with rubbing because your feet start sweating, or back of the heel pain. You can also get heel grips, which are great if your heels slip out of shoes like mine do. Hope this helps--
  10. if they are a lil tight i wear them around the house with socks but if theyr just hard i rub the insides with elizabeth ardens 8 hour cream. it softens then up nicely
  11. I just bought Footglide, which is supposed to help according to Tyra Banks, but I can't review it yet because I haven't tried it. One thing is I've started getting larger shoes- I think many of my blisters were from too small shoes. Another is I don't wear a new pair for a full day - instead I only wear them for an errand or a couple of hours. I also wear stockings until I've worn them a bit or I wear a pair of thin socks and wear them around the house. You can also try footpetals in places where the shoe rubs against your heel.
  12. I always wear mine around the house to break them in...I'm in a townhouse so it's good for practice on stairs.

    as I've gotten older, I've had to go up a half size so that helps too.

    I also just picked up my first pair of foot petals for the balls of the feet. I cross fingers that this will help me get through the day on my high heels without as much strain b/c I love heels!
  13. AMEN!!

    I love those inserts. I keep an eye out for them to be on sale then I stock up! :graucho: They really help, especially with wedges or wicked high heels! Of course, I have friends that take allll their fab shoesies to a cobbler but I can't find one out where I live... :shrugs:
  14. if you go to the cobbler (hmm...should i say shoe-repair store), they usually can stretch out the shoe for you. i've done this and also wearing them around the house w/ thick socks helps...although, the former method has proven more successful and less painful ;)
  15. If they hurt on first try, they are probably too small and you need to go up a size or pick out a different shoe. I'm not a believer in "breaking in shoes." If they don't feel good when I first put them on, I won't buy them. I'm too old to suffer for fashion. :supacool: