Breaking in Jimmy Choo shoes... Tips?

Momma Leanne

May 7, 2009
Taipei, Taiwan
So I have a pair of JC heels and I'm currently a size 38 after childbirth. It's been 4 years since I'm a 38. My shoes r 37 and they r tight. Should I try to break them in (they are still new)?


New Member
Apr 3, 2009
I put on some cotton socks (like running socks) and walked around the house doing errands. An hour the first day. Break on day two. A couple of hours the third day. Break. Three hours the fifth day. They were perfect by the weekend.


Apr 21, 2012
alright I am going to pass this on as I got it from a friend who does this to stretch her heels. WARNING I WOULDN'T NECESSARY DO THIS WITH EXPENSIVE SHOES !!!!!

But if you take a sandwich bag with 3/4 full of water making sure to let all the air out. stuff the bag into the toe area of you shoe making sure that you get the whole bag in the area where you want your shoe to stretch.
This is the second part and why I don't recommend doing this with an expensive shoe all though if it is a all leather shoe it should be alright, but do it at your own risk.
Put the shoe in the freezer for a full day.
On the Second day your bag of water should now be totally frozen. Take the shoe or shoes out of the freezer.
Step Three and you have to do this because if you don't you can ruin your shoe. Let your shoe defrost naturally do not apply anything such as heat to speed up the process. once the bag as melted take the bag out and discard. your shoe should now be stretched.

Again do this at your own risk, I have done this on my cheaper shoe's (150 dollar ones) I have never done this though on my really expensive shoe's though but I will say it does work.