Breaking $1,000 Threshold Follow-Up

  1. This is a follow up to the Breaking the $1,000 threshold thread. I was wondering how many times in one year have you spent over $1,000 on a single bag purchase? I did it twice last year...once in March in Italy on a Chanel and then on a Fendi Zucca Spy last month for Christmas (not to mention the multiple under $1,000 Guccis in between). I was feeling a little guilty and said that I would not go over $1,000 in 2008. So far, so good. But its only January! :sweatdrop:
  2. I spent over $1,000 on a single bag purchase 5 times last year :sweatdrop: I promised myself that I am not spending that much this year.
  3. (feeling nauseous) I refuse to answer on the grounds I might incriminate myself...
  4. 7 :sweatdrop:. Plus a few bags that were just under $1000.
  5. Lets just say that the cheapest bag that I bought in 2007 came up to just under $1000...
  6. 2007 = I bought my LV mirage for a little over $2000 (with tax); Balenciaga Matelasse, just under $1K on sale.
    2008 = 3 Chanel purses :sos:

    previous years.....Balenciaga First; LV White MC Speedy and LV Cerise (came to over $1K with tax). The rest of my purses are between $500-$1K, even including my other LVs.
  7. LOL i don't know how to count but lately almost all of my purchases been on the 1000-2000
  8. I purchased 6 Balenciaga's, one of which I paid about $500.00 over retail for :push:
    ....and a few that were less expensive. I've been good so far this year! :shame:
  9. I don't even want to go "there."
  10. I think for me it was just 2 - Marc Jacobs Stam in Black and White Chiffon.

    Lucky for me, most of the bags I wanted this past year were more in the $400-$700 range and I also bought bags on E-bay, because you cannot find them in the store anymore.

    Of course, now, I am lusting after a few MJ bags that are all over $1000. Talk to me this time next year and I may have a different answer!:p
  11. Me too. I was very bad last year. :tdown:
  12. :p:p
  13. Too many!!! What's sad is that this year is only 18 days old and I've already done it 5 times. Sigh. I really need to go on a ban. I have no willpower!
  14. Ladies,
    I don't know what you do to earn your living but it seems to be enough for half a dozen 1,000 bags... do you have a job for me???
  15. 2 times
    chanel and gucci