breakfast ideas for 1 year old?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I have a 1 year old daughter and she'll only eat a yoghurt for breakfast. Sometimes watermelon. No eggs, no toast, no nothing. I've tried oatmeal, homemade sugar-free muffins, different fruit, different bread.
    I'm getting quite desperate because she gets to lunch very hungry... what do/did you feed your kids at that age???
  2. I can relate! I have a 1 year old son who also loves yogurt for breakfast.

    Does she like puréed fruit? My son doesn’t like plain oatmeal either but will eat it if fruit is mixed in. Another idea would be to mix oatmeal into her yogurt.

    I’ve also discovered that he likes blueberry pancakes. If your daughter likes them, it’s easy to make a batch and freeze them, so you can just take one out a time.
  3. Is it the texture she doesn't like? Have you tried pureed ripe banana? This is very sweet, and you can puree it with a stick blender/any blender to make it closer to yogurt texture. You could try mixing it with yogurt and gradually adding other things. Try banana or applesauce blended with avocado. Or puree fruit, like apples, with chicken or other protein. Pureed sweet potato makes a nice treat too, especially if you bake them until they are caramelized and especially sweet.
  4. yogurt shake with kids protein powder ?
  5. My kids loved flavoured oatmeal at that age. Banana and strawberry was a firm favourite. Of course, now the eldest won't touch either and the youngest won't eat strawberries.
  6. by the way, it's interesting
  7. Thank you all for your answers. I will add stuff to the yoghurt rather than give her something completely digferent and go from there
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  8. I make steel cut oatmeal and mix strawberry yogurt with it. I make it the night before. They like it cold.
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  9. yogurt with berries
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  10. my kids all loved avocado. as a treat, I sometimes sliced it and threw in some banana, pour a little milk over it.