Breakfast At Tyra's....... NOT !

  1. [​IMG] [​IMG]Tyra Banks in the latest issue of Vanity Fair. She's one of the least Audrey Hepburnish people --in character and looks--that I know of. She's also completely unlike Audrey Hepburn's character, Holly Golightly, in Breakfast at Tiffany's. The accompanying article made me cringe even more.

    Tyra on Farts:
    'I'm very gassy", says Tyra Banks, telling Janet Jackson about her irritable bowel syndrome. 'But I feel lke I can telegraph my farts...If it is going to be funky I'll let it out and I'll be like 'Dang! Who did that?' "

    Tyra on Men:
    [Tyra thought dating would get easier after she started her talk show] 'It's worse...I always tell a guy that I'm dating: I don't need you, I want you. But a lot of them are like' -- alarmed face -- 'I want you to need me. I don't want you to want me!'

    Tyra on her Success:
    'Just a year ago I was a model, your know what I'm saying? Walking down the runway in my friggin' panties for Victoria's secret.' (She officially retired in 2005.) 'And now Time magazine is saying I'm one of the most influential people in the world?' She mugs as if taken aback."

    Did you know that Tyra has another reality show in development called America's Latest Top Model Loser? O.K. that's not quite the name--the real title is The Glamorous Life, about what happens to an ANTM loser after they go back..."to their 'obscure life'. " Ew, that sounds mean and boring. Sure Tyra is successful but she's no Oprah Winfrey and never will be. I'd like to see that Time magazine article that calls her "one of the most influential people in the world." WTF? There are very few people you could say this statement about and Tyra Banks is nowhere near the caliber of these people.

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  2. I have no comment. Actually, I take that back. I have many comments but none of them are nice so I choose to say nothing.:s
  3. I have to say I love the picture.............and I guess she's just being herself with her comments.

    ..........The gassy one is TMI though :yucky:
  4. Not sure what to say :confused1: Weird...
  5. Audrey must be rolling in her grave at this point....
  6. I can see the picture but I would like to say that no matter what we think of her personally, Tyra keeps it real. She seems to be very honest and true to herself which is a rare thing for celebs these days.
  7. that's one airbrushed pic! LOL!
    Ms.AllThatAndABagOfChips is NOT that slender anymore.

    Her head is TOO big these days. I don't like her show and she's getting too cocky:yucky:
  8. In my opinion, she tries too hard to make people think she is real, nice and down to earth.
  9. ITA. She has an annoying thing about her but the lady is smart. She developed on of the most successful reality shows that has been copied in many forms (contestants competing for a job) and IMO she (and Victoria's Secret) has sort of helped to make the supermodel "commercial" and more popular. She needs to be more natural on her show and stop some of the crazy assignments (undercover stipper). She also needs a new stylist, some of the clothes on the show look too cheap.

    But, let's give the lady some credit. She's smart, pretty, positive, and successful.
  10. I think Tyra is a great businessperson - you got to give her credit that she started her very successful company, especially since a model's career ends pretty early. I think she seems very genuine in that article - so many celebs use publicists to make them sound smarter/funnier and Tyra is just who she is...fabulous:smile:
  11. Hon, until I get myself a full modeling career (to retirement!), a successfully produced show, my own talk show, and *priceless* buzz in the entertainment business, I can't say anything!! Love her or hate her, she is swimming in the cash right now. Just the fact we are talking about her means that she has made some impact beyond her modeling days!!
  12. ^^ I agree! I happen to like Tyra. I dont see why everyone says she's cocky and all when all she's doing is just being herself. She's actually one of the only women out there now who is worth looking up to because she works hard.
  13. ^I guess because in *my opinion* her 'being herself' is cocky.
    no big deal, lots of people are, but I personally think she is.
    I don't look up to her, I think there are better role models.
    Is she a bad role model? NOPE! Just not the right one for me!
  14. I like the photos as I think she is beautiful. However it's one thing to "keep it real" and another thing to discuss your gassiness. LOL :yucky: :roflmfao:

    You can still be real and have class IMO. It's just TMI.