Breakfast at Tiffanys??

  1. I know this is short (ok, I admit, that is an understatement) notice...but I find myself in NY with a reasonable free morning. Anyone want to meet for breakfast?? I'm in the neighborhood of Bergdorf right now, but have to catch a 10 AM train to Newark for a client meeting. So, I could meet over in the Penn Station area too

    Let's see if we can get something going on short notice!! If you can make a morning meetup, PM me your mobile number and we'll try to coordinate,

  2. Ack...I was there 3 days ago! But then again...I guess we could do it closer...someday!
    Hope you find someone--
    Have a good trip!
  3. There I was, in a gorgeous suite at the Peninsula Hotel (rather than DF's typically small NY UES apartment where the cat had just died.....), DF out of town ..... and couldn't find a tPFr to go to Lucky's!! :p

    I need to get in on a couple of these NY soirees before I get married and actually have to start accounting for my whereabouts!! :graucho:
  4. Oh that's too bad it didn't work out!
    Am trying to figure out if I can meet up with some folks in NYC on 8/10 perhaps...if you think you might be there then by chance, check out the thread on tPF girls' night out in Manhattan...
  5. So plan your bachelorette party at Lucky Cheng's!!!!!!:p
  6. I'll be in NYC on August 10. I have a wedding to attend that evening but might have a little time in the afternoon. I'll be staying at the Pierre and plan to go to H on Madison.