Breakfast at Hermès!

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  1. Hi guys! I went to the shop today to get my DH's bag and tie. Here's the story on my blog .. and some pics of a black croc Birkin that I was allowed to view.

    Oh, by the way, there will be no update next week since I will be on a short vacation in Marbella, Spain visiting my best friend. :beach:

  2. Well who gave you permission to take a vacation. :P

    Just kidding, have a wonderful time. Hey, is there an Hermes there????

    Edit: Wanted to say just read your latest entry. Thank you so much for posting the new pictures. Your new bag looks adorable.
  3. According to, there is one in Marbella ... yay! :yahoo: I'll have to take a look then.

    The bag is for my DH.
  4. Yeah!!!

    Well then, your husband's new bag looks great (can't really say adorable for a men's bag can we)
  5. I have a feeling LaVan that one day you will be an owner of a beautiful croc bag just like the one you saw!

    (Only more beautiful because you own it!!!)
  6. dianagrace - DH adores his bag a lot!

    Kellybag - Someday, I want my 25cm rigid braise croc Kelly and a 25cm/30cm beige rose croc Birkin.
  7. La Van, you have wonderful SAs! ISn't black croc gorgeous??? YUM! I'm so glad you had such a fun morning!
  8. Beautiful bagsssss~~~ You're such a sweet wife for getting your hubby such a great bag! Oh and then croc Birkin is so yummy! I need to visit Switzerland one of these days!
  9. Wonderful story today, Lavan!! I love that you had breakfast with your SA! That croc Birkin is lovely....I'm like you, I'd like a beige-rose croc one day, too (Kelly for me!).
  10. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pics!!:yahoo:
    Nice bag for DH!!:yes: Have a great time in Spain!:beach: :drinkup: :party: :throwup: :upsidedown::lol:
  11. i just read it. amazing that you were able to get such terrific pictures to accompany your write-up. thank you for both.
  12. Wow...I really like that story!!:nuts:
    AND the Nice eye candy at the end the Buenaventura GM!! It's soo nice it reminds me a little bit of my Broadway...
  13. LaVan, wonderful story and experience!:nuts: I love your store and the entire staff!!:love: And it's amazing that they let you take pictures!:tender:
    The bag for your DH is awesome, very tasteful. (I also like your "unveiling"):yes: Have a wonderful vacation! we'll miss you :crybaby:
  14. What a great story!! La should write editorials or fashion updates for a newpaper! I really enjoy reading everything you've written. Love the croc Birkin! Oh my!
  15. When I read the title to your thread, I had flashbacks of Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy.