Breakdancing [videos]

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  1. Seeing these videos really make me feel... inferior.

    Video 1 - Dig that last pushup. :cry:

    Video 2

  2. I just tried to copy a couple of those dance moves and fell off my PC LOL :nuts:
  3. They must have the strength,flexibility and co-ordination of Olympic gymnasts...and three times the rhythm and s-o-u-l....:amuse:

  4. I just fell off my PC laughing at that remark... :lol::lol::lol:
  5. Have you ever seen the David Bernal videos ? They're awesome too, and he got to be in You Got Served !!
    (ignore the first guy, the good stuff is about halfway through !)

    Honestly, all I can do is 6 step so anything like this makes me feel so in awe, especially the popping since you have to be so in tune with your body.
    That guy is phenomonal!!!!!!
    UNBELIEVABLE strength, coordination and balance!
    Guys dancing usually dorks me out, but not him!!!