Break through in high gasoline prices?!

  1. A study showed a scientist found a way to have salt water (very abundant!) turn into a source to make energy. Currently they are trying to get financial fundings from the government to try to see if they can make enough energy enough to power a big rig. If they can get that big rig up and moving at regular speed, we might have found of alternate source for gas!!

    That is, if some company/organization doesn't interrupt and try to out buy the secret or something..

    But wouldn't it be nice to run on something cheaper AND better for the environment?! :tup:
  2. Neat! I am very interested in green sources of energy. This would be a great thing!
  3. yes in deed it will! :] my mom just brought up the fact, would us using the source of salt water from the ocean affect the way water evaporates (the rate, amount, etc.) because if it does, would it change the weather and other factors?? what are your thoughts??