Break in packing before tomorrow w/ new pix...

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  1. Hi Prada Gals and Guys. Joanna sent me this note and since I'm up will post, since it will be too long before I get to it again.

    New pix and PRICE increase back up to what the prices were before--remember the post about price drop.

    Here's note....

    Other great news - new Fall bags have arrived! We received the Craquele bags last week, and I took some pics of other new bags I havent taken last time from the Soft Calf group. Although we had a price increase, our prices are still lower than Prada US. Here is a comparison for the Nappa Gaufre and new Craqueles from Prada US:

    Nappa Gaufre
    BN1407 (E/W satchel): HI $1705, US $2250
    BN1336 (tall E/W satchel): HI $1720, US $2350
    BR4238 (tote with side drawstrings): HI $1455, US $1895
    BR4050 (small flap bag with chain handle): HI $1360, US $1695
    BR4247 (tote): HI $1305, US $1795
    BN1789 (new satchel): HI $1420, US $2100

    BN1809 (small fringe bags): HI $1185, US $1395
    BN1808 (small studs tote): HI $1495, US $2150
    BL0616 (larger studs tote): HI $2050, US $2600
    BR4369 (round bag): HI $1380, US $1695

    I am working on the price changes for other popular groups like Soft Calf, Cervo Shine, and Cervo antik.

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  2. More pix...

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    one more pix

    Bagladee, she is also saying that the pink lining is real leather now, they changed their mind. Told her what NM and SFA and Prada Soho says. Guess they talked to Prada Milan and were told real leather.



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  4. Thanks Longchamp for posting! the red studded bag looks scary with the cracks...
  5. Thanks for posting Longchamp :smile:

    Can anyone help me with the price for BN1336? (tall E/W satchel)
    [HI $1720, US $2350]

    When I emailed Joanna a couple of weeks back, she told me the price is back up at $2055. So I'm really confused now???? :wondering
  6. Gawd, Prada has some great bags for fall!!!! :drool: Thanks for all the pics.
  7. I'm starting to like that crazy fringe-y bag! It's so funky - in a cool way!

    I also like that close up of the craquele, I love texture. But it does make me wonder how durable the finish is. I like it in that sand color.
  8. [​IMG]

    Love this bag
  9. Oh man!!! Thanx for the pics...loving the fall line! Is Joanna expecting more in?
  10. ooh I love that salmon color on that fringy bag!!!
  11. Hi there...first, I'm a guy....second, I'm wondering if the prices on men's bags are lower in HI compared to the main-land too? Third, which store in Honolulu does Joanna work at? How much does it usually cost to ship a bag to the main-land?

    NOW I understand why I was reading on here about people buying in HI and shipping it to them here on the main-land. What a price difference - it's downright amazing!!!!
  12. drool :drool: too bad the prices went up again... still better than NM and Saks though...
  13. Good gracious S! Thx for the pics before your wonderful trip!

    I love the shape of the e/w craquele bag although I'm VERY wary of purchasing one since it looks very similar to the cervo lux finish.

    The closeup shot of the red bag is scary to me.
  14. I didn't realize people were thinking the pink leather lining wasn't leather! Prada would not put "pleather" inside their bags. If they were trying to cut costs, they'd have just gone with the signature monogram lining.

    Man, those prices DID jump! I was beginning to think I might be able to scrape some coins together for a Fall bag, but I guess I'll be happy with my SS clearance priced bag.
  15. *drools*