Bread rolls with Cheese (PICS)

  1. I made these for brunch a while back.. and they are MMmmMmmmM 'mmm Good!!! droollllllll
    I don't add water I just do warm milk and NO water! and I find it alot better!!!
    you'll need:
    -500 gram flour
    -half water and half milk.... i am sorry i never measure how much i put but i add some and then when i am kneading i will add more water if needed or more flour if it is to can start out with half cup of milk and half cup of water...
    -pinch salt
    -1 little bag quick working yeast 7g
    -1 tbs sugar
    -1/2 tbs of lemon juice (this will make the yeast to rise better)
    -4 tbs oil
    kiri cheese or if you dont have that you may use la vache que ri make sure you have 24 portions soo for kiri you need 2 packs.
    you will need 1 egg and some sesame seeds to make the bread nice and golden.

    mix all the ingredients and knead till the dough is nice and supple.
    let it rest in a warm place for 30 till 45 min...
    in the mean while cut all the chees trough half
    make 12 balls of the dough
    roll the ball like so:
    and with some tea with cream/milk
  2. Yummmmmmmmmmmm they look good!!
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  7. Those look delicious!
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  9. Weekend project!!!!
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  11. YUM they look so good!I can almost tast them.I will have to try the recipe:yes:
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