Bread,Rice,& Pasta ban,anyone?

  1. Okay I have freaking made up my mind and am very determined---I hope.

    I will GIVE up BREAD ,RICE & PASTA as of 12am!!!! Those are the major carbs that I eat DAILY and its not helping bc I LOOOOVE carbs! :crybaby:

    I'm also trying to put myself to give up CANDY & sweets in general. If it's around, then I MUST have it,but when its not, then I dont crave for it.

    Does anyone else wanna join in with me and see how far we can gooo?


    If not, I am ok with going by myself. lol Just seeking for a little guidance & motivation perhaps! :yes:

    Gonna go pick me up a scale tommorow and start my weigh in with daily 30 mins walks.
  2. oh yeah. I haven't even established how long this will go on for. I guess I'll just stick with it til I see improvement and figure out whats next after that. lol
  3. if i cut out bread, rice, and pasta, i think i would starve to death...BUT, i do plan on going back to eating the whole grain versions and healthier versions of all that. better than nothing, eh?

    and i'm with you on the walks! the holidays have made me SO lazy...

    good luck!!!
  4. Sorry, I can't join you in your ban. I love pasta waaaaaay too much. I do, however, place my sweets in the back of my pantry, and I don't eat after 10 p.m. I heard that you should stop eating 5 hours before you go to bed, which in reality, I should stop eating at 8 p.m. Oh well!
  5. lol...this is gonan be super hard for me bc im Asian, and grew up eating rice almost EVERYday!!! i love rice ;[

    but somethings gotta change bc i have found to depend on food tooooo much. lol

    i had popeyes fried chicken tonite.

    someone kill me!!!!
  6. I've been careful about carb for about 6 years. Once you reach your desired weight, you can have some carb(complex not simple). I don't even miss rice any more. Good luck :balloon: :noworry:
  7. I really don't like to give things up totally b/c then I find I crave them. Have you tried whole wheat pasta instead? Everything in moderation is my motto, though I really didn't follow it over the holidays. I also heard shirataki (sp?)noodles were a really great pasta substitute. Made of soy I believe and very low in calories.
  8. I with you!!! btw, I love Popeye's too!!!
  9. I can't give up carbs totally because I'm a vegetarian so a protein diet isn't achievable however I can eat tons of fish and stick with some sort of good carbs like yams (they really fill you up, just try wrapping them in foil and bake in the oven on 350-400 until it's tender)
    There are a lot of veggies out there that make you feel full as a carb substitute, maybe try incorporating them or substituting them so you don't feel so deprived.

    I find that the best diets are the ones that balance the alkaline and acid intake, if you can make your body more alkaline you'll feel better overall. The problems these days aren't just fats and carbs, they're acids, most of the foods out there are acid so people's food intake is closer to 90% acid, 10% alkaline rather than the normal healthy %70 Alkaline to %30 acid daily.
  10. ^^I am a vegetarian too!! I don't any fish, though. My rule is "if it has a face don't eat it!"

    I really don't eat a ton a bread and pasta, and when I do I make sure it is whole wheat pasta, or whole grain bread.
  11. I am gluten intolerant and am not supposed to eat any bread or pasta, but I have been eating anything and everything in sight since Thanksgiving, so I will gladly join you in a starchy carb ban!

    I was at 133 pounds -- almost to my goal weight of 127 -- before Thanksgiving, but woke up at 138 today:sad:

  12. thank you! wow 6 years is a while! how much have u lost since u gave up those cabrs? :wtf:

  13. HOLIDAYS suck huh!!! :yucky:

  14. lol. i never understood why "vegetarians" ate fish. its the same thing as meat bc it's an animal u know hwat i mean? catchy saying though!

    as much as i love animals...i love its meat too. i just try to sometimes not think about it & find " halaal" food. " food that was not harmed"

    tofu is my 2nd best friend. that carby too? :push:

  15. popeyes,churchs,kfc...gasp

    lol looooove southern food!!!:nuts:

    so you're with me? so far i got u and no1 else. lol

    i just woke up & haven't eaten anything yet.

    damn. without rice/bread/ or pasta, what the heck is left to eat?

    lol looks like i have to hit up the grocery store soon. :idea: