Brea PM

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  1. Few bags have made my heart go "pitter-patter" as this one has. I love both the Amarante and Red. It is unavailable online. I have loved the Trevi PM for a long time but the fact that it is canvas has held me back. But this one.... WOW

    -- Is it available in stores?
    -- I have a 2.5 yr old who loves to haul my handbags across the room. Will the Vachetta handle hold up to that?
    -- Should be in any rush to buy it as in availability, price going up etc?
    -- Is it as beautiful in person as it is online?

  2. It is really a gorgeous bag! I don't think I would let my 2.5 year old drag it around though, I would be more worried about the Vernis getting scratched up than the vachetta, maybe if you get it you can just put it up somewhere when you aren't using it! I don't think it's a limited edition, however I'm not sure about the Pomme color in the pm, if you like the pomme you can call the 1-866 number on and they can tell you if any store currently has the pomme, or amarante in stock. I'm sure someone else will have more info than me! Good luck, hope you are able to get it soon.

    I have seen it and it is gorgeous!
  3. Yes, the item is in store now, and I would highly encourage you to get Pomme as it is getting discontinued. I don't think it's limited edition, however Pomme is definitely "while supplies last."

    I also agree with Nordy's girl, that I too would be more worried about the actual vernis being scratached up than the strap. I would recommend storing it somewhere safe as I don't think this should be played with by a 2.5 year old (no matter how CUTE they are :P) child.

    I love Vernis as it is my favourite line, but ESID when it comes to preferences. I LOVE some of the other collections (especially the Alma PM and Alma BB) but this one didn't really grab me...but if it made YOUR heart go *boom boom* ...


    Go for it! :heart: (and go for Pomme, seriously! Amarante will be around for a while)
  4. The Amarante is available on the LV website now, however, the Pomme hasn't been available for at least a week or two. I managed to snag the only Brea PM in Pomme my boutique received in. Definitely call the 866# and see if they can locate one for you if that is the color you're after.
  5. She doesn't actually drag my handbags on the floor. But, if she sees my handbag anywhere and I am not close by (and other people are around), she will pick it up and bring it to me saying "this is mamma's purse". LOL. And her hands at that time may not be clean. So, if I can spray some protectant to be safe, I will be ok.

    But, I checked on the Amarante a couple of hrs ago and it said unavailable online. The site is down now. I shall check again. I will definitely make a trip to our local boutique and check it out in person.

    Do they charge sales tax online?
  6. I'm not sure where you live but it is available on the US site and yes, they do charge sales tax.
  7. I just checked the US site and it says PRODUCT OUT OF STOCK ONLINE when I pull up the Brea PM in Amarante :love:. Since they do charge sales tax, I think I will buy it from the boutique. More fun that way :yahoo:
  8. My boutique had the Pomme and Amarante today in the Brea PM. I tried them both on. Its the LV in Saks, Raleigh NC.
  9. yes it is gorgeous in person as it is online maybe even prettier
  10. I totally agree with Ihasalover on this bag. I have one on hold at the Charlotte LV now. Thanks for letting us know it is out of stock on line. My heart sank when I read that...I love this bag so much and have been thinking about going to the store, trying it on., putting my things inside, looking for a new wallet to go know...the fun stuff. And when you walk out of the store your so happy and proud because you have a new baby. Then I enjoy walking around with my brown LV bag and people will wonder what I got. :blush:

    But for me....pulling into the garage at home....the panic sets in because I have to hide my puchase from DH and figure out a way to start carrying the new baby without him asking me if it's new. I am hoping I can confuse him and say don't you remember this purse from two Xmas's ago (hoping to confuse him with my amarante Rosewood) then I will say, I just haven't carried her much because she's my favorite and want to keep her looking new for as long as I can. :thinking:
  11. I saw it at the store this weekend and it's gorgeous!
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