Brea MM - which color/material?

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Brea MM - Epi black or Rose Velours Monogram Vernis

  1. Black Epi

  2. Rose Velours Vernis

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  1. I still find myself lusting after a Brea MM. I'm trying to decide between the black epi or the Rose Velours monogram vernis.

    I have lots of black bags and the Rose Velours has called to me since it's introduction last spring. But how do you think the Rose Velours would look with aging patina?

    I had an Alma in the Rose Velours, but returned it because I just couldn't justify a hand carry bag when I always use shoulder carry.
  2. Oh then I would definitely go for Rose Velours. Sounds like you've been wanting it for a long time, and you already have lots of black bags.

    So run on along and get that Brea MM in Rose Velours. I just :heart: the Brea!
  3. I know and they are so limited to get right now! It sounds like tomorrow is the price increase? I've read so many posts I'm not sure! Do you know if it is tomorrow?
  4. Personally, my favorite brea is the epi electric. Yes it's another black bag, but to me, the patent adds a little extra oomph!

    But you should follow your heart and get that bag that you like best!
  5. The epi black electric is stunning!!!! I'm also wondering about how aged vachetta will look with the rose Velours.

    I read that there may be a new coral epi color for summer. I'd love to find out what bags will be made in this color.
  6. Yes, I do believe that the price will increase on Monday in the US. On Friday I asked my SA about the price increase and she said, "yes the prices will increase on the leather items".

    Now, I'm sure they will, but I bet they increase on the canvas items too. Maybe not so much on bandeau's, scarves, sunnies, charms, fine jewelry, time pieces, but who knows??? :confused1:
  7. The Brea in Vernis is just stunning! Go for it.

  8. I must agree. I don't care for EE on all bags (most) but it really does something to the brea. It's beautiful!