Brea MM in Vernis Rose Florentin

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  1. Has anyone seen the Vernis Rose Florentin Brea? I have to brand it the MOST GOREGOUS BAG EVER!!!! :nuts:

    I saw it sitting elegantly on the shelf when I went to pick up my ZCP yesterday, and I couldn't keep my hands off of it!! ;) I love how the naked vachetta is contrasted against the pale pink. I think it'll look great even with the tanned vachetta. My SA says that this color only comes in MM in the Brea. If I hadn't gotten my Wilshire Blvd in RF...

    I wonder if any tpfer has gotten one yet. :graucho:
  2. I saw a pic here on the board, and it was indeed, TDF!!!
  3. Hope you get the Rose Florentin Brea! I think this color is so delicately feminine.:cloud9:
  4. pinki682,now that's a DANGEROUS thought!! I looked at that purse for a good 30 minutes (no kidding), modeled it and held it - I hope someone gets it!!!
  5. I didn't see this one, just amarante. it's a good thing too, then it would have been pomme, amarante, RF over and over in my head :P
  6. vernis rose florentine!!!!!!!!:heart::love::cloud9::tup:
  7. Wow right after I read this thread I immediately went on LV's website to look at it. It looks soooo chic! I wish the vachetta will stay light forever though :P
  8. Have loved this color from the moment it was announced.... supacool and tres chic!
  9. lol
  10. It sounds gorgeous!
    But Bluekit, your wilshire is just soooo lovely!!
  11. it is lovely!
  12. It's a little too pale for my tastes. BTW, MM and GM are available on the US website.
  13. i saw it this weekend and it is gorgeous!!
  14. ive seen a lot of pomme ..but no rose :smile:
  15. bluekit, I think it's a very classy color.