Brazza - Who has it and your thoughts

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  1. I am pouting since the weather is still too bad to bring my new babies out (Damier Trevi and mini pochette with a Pomme Vernis Zippy for a splash of color). The salt is just turning everything into a chalk-like covered mess.

    Sooo, I thought I would add another goodie to my stash and eyed the Brazza. Who has it and what do you think of it?

  2. I am eyeing this wallet too. I like the simplicity. I just wish it was a tad bigger so it doesn't bulge when stuffed
  3. I was thinking about using it more for extra cards and maybe receipts. It does look rather thin which is why I was looking for everyone's thoughts
  4. It does have a lot of card space and also flat pockets for receipts.
  5. I absolutely love my Brazza. Once the canvas softens up it's not so bulgy anymore. I don't keep loyalty cards in mine either so that helps keep it flat. I just love the chic look of it. I personally rate it over the insolite any day.
  6. AWESOME! Love the feedback and comments - THANK YOU
    Making me think this is a must add piece

  7. If you're into that style of wallet then it is definitely a must have. :biggrin:
  8. It is a must add piece. It will hold what you need w/o looking bulky at all. I'm very happy w/mine:smile:
  9. I love my brazza better than my Sarah. Just simple and elegant
  10. I personally like it. When I am given too much space I am less organize (I.e. My zippy). The Brazza lets you hold what you really need and that also keeps the weigh of my wallet down too.
  11. I like
  12. I am not patient and I can't find one pre-loved I am happy with - grrrrrrrrrrr
    searching-searching, just put new batteries in the mouse :biggrin:
  13. Cobalt Brazza - How do I get one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Help Help Help
  14. I've kept looking at it in the leather versions, and I always put it back because I just feel it's not efficient. Too many card slots, and the coin pocket will just make for a thick wallet that's odd to carry.

    Hermes has a similar version, the MC2 Wallet, that I feel wins in the "simple long wallet option" category. It doesn't have a change pocket, but it allows more freedom for a thin alternative.