Brazza wallet versus Monogram Insolite wallet

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  1. I have noticed I'm not really into using my Zippy secret long wallet as much anymore, and I really like my Curieuse Compact Wallet in Empreinte so I use it a lot for my CC and ID. But then I'm stuffing my cash, change, and loyalty/store cards in the mini pochette and it is geting disorganized.

    So I looked into getting the Damier Ebene Brazza wallet or the Monogram Insolite Wallet. about the same price for both, can be flipped open quickly, but the Insolite has two zip pockets, holds more, but is heavier. The brazza is light with one zip pocket but many card slots.

    Anyone have either one and do you like using it? Which should I get? At over $700 each, the bargain hunter in me thinks the Insolite is best for the value, but it is heavy and the Brazza is light but doesn't seem like you get as much for your money.

    Anyone have the Brazza (women) and like it and use it?
  2. Good question. I love the look of the Brazza but wasn't sure if it was mostly for men?
  3. I have the Brazza and would totally recommend it over the Insolite. I didn't really like the idea of flipping a wallet around to get the card I wanted. ince the Brazza has all card slots they same way it's a lot easier to locate what I need. But that's just my opinion.
  4. I'll be watching this thread.

    I was *this close* to getting the Insolite tonight but I worry that if I have too many receipts, cards and change, the snaps may not stay closed and then what's the point.
  5. Between the two I'll take the brazza. The snap buttons and the zipper pulls in the insolite bugged me to no end.
  6. I have the Brazza in mono and I love it! It's so easy to use. I don't think it's too masculine at all. Very functional, everything is right in front of you when you open it, no fuss at all. There's plenty space to put all the cards and cash/ change you need.
  7. I had the same dilemma but I vote for Brazza. I have a Chanel yen wallet with the same layout (which I love) as the Brazza but the lamb skin requires too much babying so I am going to get a Brazza for more frequent use. One thing I love about this layout vs zippy is that you are forced to keep your wallet tidy and not have a tumbleweed of receipts, which for me has been a great thing because I like to be organized and streamlined. Ultimately, the weight and size of the insolite was the deal breaker for me even though I love the design. GL with your decision!
  8. I have the insolite and it was my favorite wallet until I bought a sarah...I didn't find it heavy at all and loved all the storage it has....For me, I don't like that the brazza does not have any closer like a zipper or snaps.
  9. Brazza wallet is perfect for cards. It is nice and slim. I especially like the infini line but those are quite a bit more expensive.
  10. I love the Insolite wallet. I have two of them - I collect the special edition ones. I don't actually carry the Insolite, because I am afraid of messing them up. I just got one for mother's day - the cabas summer 2014 damier azur insolite with the navy interior - and my husband had "MOM" heat stamped on the inside.

    I actually carry a Coach wallet because I can be hard on my things. Maybe one day I will take the plunge and carry one of my Louis Vuitton Wallets (I have 7).

    My vote is Insolite :smile: