Brazza Wallet - my first Damier piece! Pics inside

  1. Bought my first Damier piece today from the boutique - the new Brazza Wallet. Has 12 slots for credit cards, zippered pocket for change, patch pockets and a gussetted pocket under the zippered one. Very nice. And yes, it did come with a dustcover and box!

    DSC00557.JPG DSC00560.JPG DSC00562.JPG DSC00563.JPG
  2. cool, and welcome!
  3. Wow that is a cool wallet!!....I've never seen it before. If you don't mind me asking, how much was it? :smile:
  4. Congrats!! Pretty and functional!
  5. hot wallet! CONGRATS!
  6. Welcome to TPF!
    Congrats! Never seen one of those IRL. Very pretty.
  7. It's only just been released. It's priced on the Vuitton website as 220 pounds. It was AUD$630. :yes:
  8. How awesome... Congrats on your purchase!

    Welcome to the PF. :welcome:
  9. I like it!
  10. Congrats and welcome!
  11. congrats
  12. very nice! congrats:biggrin:
  13. 12 cc slots? wow, LV is getting generous. their wallets always seem to be painfully lack for cc slots. i really like it, congrats on a fantastic purchase!!

  14. It is as sexy as its name...Brazza! Oh la la!!
  15. Congrats- excellent piece you chose. Welcome!