Brazza epi black

  1. My husband gave me a black epi brazza today. It's just a nice wallet. I was looking for something I can use with every bag I have. And where I can put a lot of cc.
    It's nice to have a husband who loves LV too. He got himself an eole 50 damier last week.:smile:
  2. OO can we get pics this is just new out so it'd be great to finally see it
  3. very nice of him indeed ... congrats!
  4. Pictures please! Congratulations!!!
  5. Here are the pics.
    HPIM0301_kopie.jpg HPIM0302_kopie.jpg
  6. Congrats!
  7. love the wallet! such a wonderful wallet !
  8. Congrat's, great wallet.
  9. What a fab wallet !!!
    i love it, congrats !!!!!!!
  10. Very chic
  11. Congrats!
  12. You got such a great husband. I wish my hubby-in-the-future loves LV as much as me ( or better yet, twice )
  13. That is a nice wallet. Congrats!
  14. !!! BRAZZA IN EPI NOW!!! love love love!:heart::push::push::push::push::push::push:
  15. i like it :smile: