Brazillian Waxing

  1. I have an appointment today and when I asked what type of wax they will use I was told Beeswax :confused1: is this ok? When I was reading the waxing thread I did'nt see anyone mention this time of wax as being ok for down there :sweatdrop:
  2. hm. i'm quite certain that's not the usual thing, but i don't know much about it. better look it up, or go somewhere w recommendations? this is NOT something you wanna take a chance on! xxx waxes absolutely vary in quality....
  3. Different techs use different waxes on different areas. It's perfectly acceptable to use bee's wax in the salon. I personally have about 3 different waxes used on me each time I get a bikini wax. My tech uses hard waxes on certain areas and soft wax with strips on others......each tech has different preferences as well as each client has different needs.
  4. thank you both for answering, I went and had it done and it was very painful and the wax was super sticky. I am going to a different place next time that I have heard is a little more gentle.
  5. If the wax was too sticky, it probably wasn't warm enough. Again, if it was exceedingly painful, your technician probably was pulling up and not away. But then again, keep in mind that the first waxing you have done will be far more painful than any that will follow. I would recommend keeping up on it and not letting it get out of hand. This will cut down on the pain involved and I think after the first time, the "shock and awe" value is gone too!:yes:
    I've been getting waxed every three weeks for years and sometimes it feels more painful than others. Sometimes my skin will come off and sometimes, I'm OK. If it's "that time", your skin will be more sensative.....I could go on and on! I always recommend that people find someone they're comfortable with and stick with that person.
  6. whoa! :shocked:
    I hope that next time won't be as bad, thanks for the advice :smile:
  7.'s really not that bad. Just leaves a tiny scab or rough patch. This usually happens when I wax my eyebrows. Once you've had it happen, it tends to happen more often then not. Some people are just more sensative. If I would stop waxing for about 6 months I probably wouldn't have any problems with the skin getting irritated but it's not that bad that it bothers me enough to stop.

    Sorry...I guess that sounded pretty bad...."My skin comes off" :wtf:
  8. ^OMG find another place to go. This should never happen. I get waxed all the time and until I found the right asthecian i wouldn't even attempt a brazilian. Now I get them and it doesn't even hurt. She knows what she is doing.

    If you aren't sure about where to go ask around and test the waters with a leg wax or underarm wax before you attempt a brazilian. It shouldn't hurt that much. I had been going to a place for years for a regular bikini wax. I *thought* she was the best. Then she moved and I was forced to find another aesthician. Her wax doesn't hurt at all - even brazilian.

    However, I would not recommend getting a bikini was or a brazilian wax the week before your period. For some reason it is more painful/sore.

    Good luck.
  9. OOOoo I wanna get that done but i think that i'd be a little embarrassed even though i know techs are professional ...
  10. i do my own brazilian waxing and i just use home-cooked "halawa" chicken skin, and no scalding at all....
  11. you should get it after your period indeed...less painful
  12. it is advisable to get brazilian wax a week after your period, or 2 weeks prior to your period..less painful..some pop a pill (advil)to lessen the ouch factor...
  13. Yes, it does happen quite often to people. Generally when the wax is too hot for their skin. Unfortunately, one does not know the parameters of each individual until you've worked on them. I tend to have the problem in the same areas no matter what type of waxes I use on them or how careful I am.
    I am a licensed cosmetologist and have been in the industry for over 16 years. It is not my tech or how she is doing her work. It is just something that I experience and have experienced for all the years that I have been getting waxed and from all the different techs that I have used (Including waxing my own brows and bikini area)
  14. What about simple bikini hair removers? Same smooth effect and zero pain factor!

  15. brave woman :idea: