Brazilian Waxes -- Any men prefer you NOT to have a Brazilian wax? Please advise!

  1. I guess the title says it all. :p

    I'd like to surprise my bf with something new for our 5-year anniversary. At the risk of TMI, I've been au naturel since we've been together (just trimmed).

    Any chances of him being shocked in a bad way? A couple TPFers' BFs/DHs said they looked like chicken breasts or a baboon... Please reassure me (or not) that the $$ and pain are worth it! Thanks, ladies :flowers:

    A quick edit: He's never, ever suggested I do this. I thought it'd be something...different! :smile:
  2. Chicken breasts and baboons?! LMAO!!! :roflmfao:

    I have heard a couple guys say that bare creeps them out, because it's like a little girl... If YOU really want to get waxed, then by all means do it. But don't do it because you think it's what HE wants. It's very painful and those little hairs are hella itchy when they grow back in. I personally would never wax again. It's just not worth it to me, because I don't care. I guess I feel like, if he's been happy with au naturel, why bother? And if he's not happy with au naturel, then :blah:

    Sorry, not very helpful :shame:
  3. I'd guess 98% of men prefer it. . or at least enjoy a change for a while anyhow:yes:
    You only want to go brazilian? You could be a little more conservative if you're more comfortable w/ that.
  4. and if don't go for the brazilian, or something in between, there's always this option :lol:


    or this


    or both! :p

    but back on topic, i think it's unlikely the bf will be unpleasantly surprised, however claire's right that the little hairs can cause quite a bit of irritation once they start growing back in
  5. I was glad to see this thread - I'm thinking of going just a little less drastic than brazilian for my wedding night.

    I'd think the regrowth would be less itchy than growing back from shaving. True or not?
  6. I tried the Brazilian thing to surprise DH and he was not happy. He said it made him feel "creepy," and wasn't natural. So. from then on, I keep it clean and groomed without going the "Full Monty."
  7. I think if you've never tried it, you might want to just to see if YOU like it. But I agree that you shouldn't do it for someone else if it makes you uncomfortable. I don't wax, but I shave and have for so many years that I cannot imagine being "natural" anymore!
  8. aww! LOL! I know my DH prefers VERY neat and tidy ;)
    I would never go bald though. . . it's not for me.
    That's why I asked if she could just go a little more conservative. . . a landing strip or something :biggrin:
  9. my case I don't know if he would even notice!
  10. I tried it for my boyfriend, and at first it looked funny to him. but after we tried it out :sweatdrop: ahem...he loves it!!
  11. If you don't want to go completely bare, you can have a little landing strip (think Adnan Ghalib's chin). :lol:

    A few of my friends did it and hated it so much because it was uncomfortable and painful, but after their bfs got a taste of it (OK, wrong way to phrase that)...a glimpse of it...they preferred it and then alway wanted them to get it done.

    Bottom line- it is your "area", so if you want to do it, do it! I am sure that he will love you either way! Plus, it will grow back!
  12. ^^ ROFL @ the Adnan Ghalib reference!!
  13. Why don't you try a "landing strip" or a "lightening bolt"? It's just as exciting for a change, but less drastic and less painful!
  14. I keep things bare. I've never been with a guy who didn't prefer it that way.
  15. i loved having it done but give yourself a dew days to get used, it can cause bumps if you have to much rubbing right after, also since your in sf they have places that offer numbing cream (the only way to do it imho) good luck:tup: