Brazilian Wax in Boston Area

  1. I'm thinking of getting a brazilian wax... but I'm so freaking scare. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a good place to get it done in the Boston area.
  2. So, "Boston area" is the latest euphemism for a woman's pubic hair? Makes a change from "lady garden" I suppose...
  3. ^^ I think the original poster meant a good spa/salon to get a brazilian wax in the Boston (the city) area. She wasn't referring to "down there" lol.
  4. wahaha. ya.. i mean boston.. the city.
  5. I know she was. :p *smirk*
  6. I can't answer as I'm in the UK but Ha Ha Ha that was soooo funny!
  7. I HIGHLY recommend Bella Sante Spa on Newberry St.
    It's the only place that use the lavender hardwax not strip wax. (Less harsh on your skin... and lot less irritation)

    I recomend Robin. She's very professional and meticulous.
  8. Ok so wait. I am sorr, I just have to ask. Does it remove EVERYTHING??? How bad does it hurt...really...I have to know. Sorry. :angel:
  9. yeah, everything. i've never done it before, but i think it's gonna hurt a whole freaking lot based on what i've read.
  10. does it hurt or itch after?
  11. From my experience, hardwaxing hurst a lot less than strip waxing. My first waxing experience was at Bella Sante and I was like, what the heck are people whining about? This is completely bearable.. the technician pressed on the waxed spot with cold pads immediately and the pain was gone....

    However, since I moved from Boston I don't wax down there anymore... My skin got irritated and turned completely RED when I got a brazillian from Elizabeth Arden with their honey strip wax... and the pain was so unbearable I Screamed!!!!!! It hurt so much afterwards I couldn't wear tight jeans for 3 days!!! It was hurtful when walking...

    Also I've heared taking pain killers beforehand helps alot.. Oh and don't go within a week before your period I heard it hurts more then...

    From my experience Hardwax is much better than strip wax hands down but I guess it also depends on the technician as well..

    Again, I highly recommend robin from Bella Sante.. she knows what she's doing..
  12. for a minute there, I thought "Boston Area" was a new euphemism for a body part.
  13. I see I was not alone.
  14. thanks joanna. now that i've found the place, it's time for me to muster the courage to go.
  15. Report back! I am curious to know how you do!