Brazilian Restaurant: Fogo de Chao

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  1. Anyone tried this restaurant?

    Ive heard it's a meat-based restaurant. Im thinking of celebrating my birthday there...:wlae:

    Let me know if you've dined here....:nuts:
  2. I've been there~ You have an all you can eat salad bar. If/Once you eat the salad and you are ready for the meat, you just flip this card. Once you flip the card, the people come around with different types of meat. If you are a meat lover, this is the place to go! It's really expensive though. I went there with my friend and we just ordered like two/three diet cokes and including tip, the bill came out $150. Hopefully this helps, but if you have more questions regarding the food, let me know! :shame:
  3. thanks, sjc~!

    refills aren't free once you order once?

    was the $150 bill worth the food/service?
  4. oh yeah its awesome if you LOVE meat....lots and lots of meat...yummy.
  5. This place is sooo good! You gotta be a meat lover though! It is a bit expensive, but I think it's defintiely worth it. You should give it a try. It'll be a nice place to go to celebrate your birthday.
  6. I haven't been to Fogo, but my family goes to Texas de Brazil on a regular basis, and it is wonderful!! I think that Brazillian steakhouses are great places for special days, or any days for that matter.
  7. It's awesome! I've been to Fogo and other churrascaria restaurants & I love them. If you love meat, it's a great place. I went a churrascaria for NYE, my birthday and my grandma's birthday this year. We're a meat loving family!

    Try not to eat too much on the day that you go. All I have is a light breakfast & I skip lunch because they really serve you so much food & you'll want to try it all.

    They're opening a Fogo in Philadelphia in December. I can't wait!
  8. i've never been to the fogo in atlanta, but i know a bunch of people that have and i've heard nothing but AMAZING things (including from one brazilian friend). i'm a serious meat eater, i really want to try it.
  9. Haven't been to Fogo, but I went to a slightly more upscale version called "Brazzaz." I thought it was good, but I have a tough time eating $50 worth of meat!
  10. oh my goodness!! my boyfriend LOVES this place. We both go to school in northern california but we will plan mini vacations to southern california (he's actually from there) to go eat at FOGOS! last time we went to LA we made fogo our last stop and i was regretting it. wish we had gone there as the first rest. and the last rest. haha! if you love desserts you'll looooooove the ones they have there. i ordered 5! i'm in love with desserts hahah oh! and get the brazillian soda. that's really yummy!
  11. It was worth it for my friend, but not for me. I was ridiculous and ate the side dishes that came with our meal and too much salad! If you want your $50 worth of food, try not to eat too much salad or the side dishes!!! Try all the different types of meat!!!

    The coke, no re-fills. They give you the coke in coke bottles (it's not the big ones, it's the small coke bottles). :s
  12. are the desserts an additional charge also?

    maybe I can just order water? lol
  13. Love it, and they are all over -Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, etc... I am surprised there isn't one in Vegas yet!!!!
  14. ^^remind me of where you are in TX?

    I may have a better recommendation.

    We LOVE Brazillian Churasscurias! It's SO worth it, I assure you!
  15. I always see the advertisement in the Southwest Inflight I really want to try it.