Brazilian Perfume

  1. I'm a teacher and on the first day back to school I received a wonderful present from a former student who visited family in Brazil this summer. It's a bottle of perfume called "Accordes" from O' Boticario. It smells great on me and was wondering if anyone has ever seen it here in the US as I'd love to find the lotion and body wash if available.
  2. Being brazilian i do have to say unless you find a brazilian store where you live by you wont find it anywhere else sorry.
  3. The sure was a sweet thing for them to do.. you must have left quite an impression on the student. Kudos to you!!

  4. Thank you! She and her family are very sweet.... and though only 10 years old she has that gorgeous Latin beauty look.... I’m sure she could be a model when she grows up, she is so beautiful. it was such a surprise to receive a gift from her on the first day back!