Brazilain Wax anyone??

  1. Has anyone had this done?? Im thinking of getting it but im kinda scared...

    I assume you cant just walk into your regular nail/waxing place and get it done, as there needs to be special spas for this..

    If anyone has gotten this done, can you please share your experiences as well as where you had it done.. thanks :nuts:
  2. I've been trying to drag a couple friends with me to do it but we're all too chicken to try it!
  3. haha, where do you live, ill go with you
  4. I have thought about it, but the whole process just seems so...intimate, not to mention the pain. I'm sure that the waxer sees all kinds of...womanliness...but I'm far too modest to feel comfortable with someone, other than my gyno & DH, messing around down there.
  5. It's not that bad. But I have a high tolerance for pain.

    I would definitely ask around for recommendations before choosing someone.. make sure the person that's waxing you knows what they're doing.
  6. I dont care about the pain.. just theres like nowhere around where I am and i guess its embarrassing
  7. i got it done before it hurts really bad but so worth the pain! im trying to get an appointment @ j sisters cuz i guess they are the best haha
  8. i wish there was a website that has a list of places that offers them
  9. i usually get a extensive bikini wax (more than jsut bikini but not brazilian)
    hurts like mofo... but i found if you pop couple tylenol + aspirin or even better if u have vicodin, it helps.
  10. haha tylenol before u go
  11. try
    Salon & Spa Directory:

    they have a list of places their staffers have tried.

    I had a tummy tuck last year and decided to go for a waxing first for obvious reasons. . .
    I thought I'd just get a little more taken off than the bikini, but the week before I was getting all ambitious thinking I'd go for the 'landing strip' instead since it was summer.




    The lady was SO bad at it, that after 45 mintues of excruciating pain, she had barely removed just what I needed for surgery :cry:
    It was horrific.

    Apparently, after talking to some friends they SWEAR to me that if you get the right person, it's actually not long at all and not all that painful.
    Check that link I gave.
    Also, there's a couple of products to use before and after, one is to numb prior and the other is to prevent bumps.
  12. oo wow, thanks Swanky!
  13. I had a spa job in November & had a client schedule to come in as a volunteer for me to do my FIRST Brazilian wax on her for free...

    I quit before that day even came so I never got to do it.

    boo hoo. I could had a vagina in my face.
  14. I found a place that a lot of my friends go to, they say its a woman from Bazil (how perfect) who does it really fast and leaves them with no pain... :biggrin:

    Its called Studio 17 in Westchester, NY.. its $60 for the 1st session and then $50 each time after that
  15. It hurts abit the first time, but really it feels great after. Highly recommend brazilians for everyone. But you have to watch the aftercare because some pple develop in grown hairs after repeat waxings, and that can be a *****