Brazil Butt Lift

  1. I always find myself checking the workout program threads to see if they really work. Did anyone have success with this one ? If it can trims thighs too I'm willing to overlook the pencil test...
  2. I got the dvd but I don't know which schedule to choose...:wondering
    My butt is large, flat AND needs a lift! :lol: Should I go with the classic schedule?

    Did you go? How was it?
  3. A friend of mine just told me she lost 4.5 inches off both her thighs by using this program.
  4. LOL, I agree.:p
  5. Bumping up the thread because I saw the infomerical last night. It's still hilarious to me. It's like the modern version of thighmaster or any of those area specific workouts.
    Did anyone manage to follow this program? Does it actually work?
  6. My mom does it. It really works. It can be corny but it isn't easy.
  7. My ass is fine but my thighs need a lotta work. I didn't think I needed this but now I'm intrigued. *goes off to order it* :p
  8. I know nothing about the program but I agree that dancing helps to have a nice booty. I dance every chance I get.
  9. i haven't read or seen anything about this, but i think i have the combo butt
  10. well I am pretty mixed in terms of ethnicity and ended up with wide hips and droopy flat booty :sad: if I can get some roundness and lift out of this I would gladly do it! Will check back to see/hear some results from the ladies trying it. Hope this does the trick!
  11. darn it now i'm intrigued. i want a pretty butt, haha.
  12. I have actually seen lots of great results with this program on the Beachbody website. I am debating getting this or ChaLean Extreme for my next program and I have done P90X and Insanity. So yes, I think it's very legit and not an easy program.
  13. I know you're the resident Beachbody coach so thanks for the input.

    The infomercial is a little cheesy so I was wary about the program. Sure it's endorsed by models but they had amazing bodies to start with. I wanted to see some real couch potato before and afters. Something to give this schlub hope.:p
  14. I ordered it and I will have it by monday, I will let you guys know!
  15. Check out the thread on the Beachbody site about BBL: - maybe that will help.

    And hopefully I'll have my own before and afters in a few months :p