Bravo to the ladies in Chanel-

  1. I wanted to take a minute to thank all of the ladies in Chanel. Your posts are always insightful, supportive, and remain classy. A special thanks to all the mods and the ladies of authenticate this-Mon, Michele and Nathalie. You've helped so many of us make educated purchases! Keep it up ladies.....:tup:
  2. I completely concur!!!
    Everyone makes this Forum spectacular, but a special thanks definitely to the several Ladies who put their time and knowledge into the authenticity thread:woohoo:
    Often times people post their question read the answer and never say thanks. . . THANK YOU Ladies! All of you who contribute!
  3. YAY for the Chanel forum and all the great peeps !!!

  4. ^I second emotion that! :drinkup:
  5. I THIRD that!! SO helpful and QUICK to respond to our questions!!
    Here's to the wonderful authenticator ladies of the Chanel forum!!
  6. yeh... a big big THANK YOU!!!!
  7. yes I appreciate all of you guys. You've always answered my questions whenever I have doubts. thanks again:yes:
  8. Absolutely!! :tup: :tup: :tup:
  9. Wholeheartedly agree too! I believe they've helped quite a few PFers who wouldn't feel comfortable going the eBay route if not for them!

    The effort and caring is very much appreciated I'm sure!
  10. Ah! Everyone here is great!:tender::woohoo:
  11. Ahhh, that is so sweet, THANK YOU! :heart:

    I think all of the Chanel ladies over here are such wonderful and classy ladies. Everyone is so friendly and supportive to each other.
    I always enjoy coming here in the morning, drinking my cappuccino and catch up on all the threads.

    And a extra special big hug for Swanky who keeps running the Chanel subforum so smoothly! :love:
  12. kudos to all !!!!!
  13. :shame::flowers:Ahh, thanks everyone . This forum is great, and all of us make it so much fun, and of course Swanky for listening to all our comments and concerns.

    The Chanel girls rock!!
  14. Without a doubt a big thank you to all of you ladies who help create Chanel enthusiasts from handbag shoppers. As with anything the more one knows about a subject the more interesting and enjoyable it becomes esp. surrounded by those with the same interest. Thanks so much.:smile:
  15. Ada, you're right!!!! We should be taking the time to thank these wonderful people. I know everyone has always been very helpful and kind when I have asked for help or assistance of any kind. This forum ROCKS!!!!!!