Bravo to LV! Kudos to good salespeople!

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  1. Hi, just a quick note on my LV experience yesterday. So for the first time I finally worked up enough courage to walk into a LV boutique! I had always felt underdressed or underfunded, one of the two, and would only oggle from outside. Well, yesterday I was also painfully underdressed (ponytail, no makeup, sweater, jeans, Frye boots) but I decided that I wouldn't let it stop me. I must have looked like a gal who was NOT in the market for an expensive LV bag, but the salespeople were absolutely as nice as can be! They encouraged me to try on and play with expensive handbags, they showed me all the features, they even told me when I decided not to impulse buy an epi pochette (I'm saving up and giving my Visa a rest) that I'd made the right decision and to think on big purchases. They were the friendliest and most knowledgable salespeople I've ever worked with, and they had no (immediate) reason to be so nice to me :smile: I'm a LV convert...time to start saving my mad money!

    Have you guys had similar experiences with LV salespeople or handbag salespeople in general?
  2. yes, chanel. i bought a necklace there and the matching earings were sold out. i was so sad, i really wanted the whole set. over a week passed and the SA i had talked to called me and said they just got a new pair in and she'll put them aside for me. i didn't even tell her to call, she had just remembered me and how sad i was and looked up my number in their customer list. i thought that was really sweet!
  3. I've had good experiences with the SA's at our local LV boutique as well. Very nice and gave some good advice.
  4. My experience at LV was great as well--not pushy, let me play around with different bags, and said he knew it was a big purchase so he didn't expect me to purchase all the matching accessories at one time. They were quite helpful and not snooty either. :idea: That's definitely a way to make me want to spend money there again!
  5. The SAs at the LV boutique here are nice, as well. When I made my first purchase there last month, the girl who helped me was super nice and answered all of my questions. She also gave me her honest opinion on how each bag I tried looked on me.

    I'll be honest - I've been kicked out of there before, but it was my fault. I had a big lemonade from Chick-Fil-A and no drinks were allowed :lol: I don't blame them!
  6. I love my SAs at LV :biggrin: I don't think I've gotten bad service anywhere, well aside from Fendi after the spy incident. On the other hand, I think that it may depend on place too. I wasn't too satisfied with the service I got at the LV in AZ:suspiciou
  7. My LV SA is great, however she still has not got back to me regarding the Waltz Macha Vienna. I have a feeling Canada is completely out of them or else I would have got a call!:suspiciou

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  8. I've always had better experiences in the Louis Vuittons inside Holt Renfrew rather than in the standalone store.. no idea why.
  9. The LV boutique here (Columbus) at Saks is pretty good. I am alway indicisive when I go in and they are always pretty helpful. I once bought an LV from Eluxury and one of the stitches on the side had been skipped when it was sewn in the factory. The SA at LV simply replaced the bag on the spot.
  10. You mean I'm not the only Buckeye on the forum?!

    I love the the LV here...everyone is really helpful and so nice...Rebecca, Khoa, all of them...even if I'm not buying, just browsing, they still let me try on all the bags I want, and don't get frustrated...I think they all pretty much know me, so they know that when I do spend, I am shelling out some big bucks...but even if I just buy the smallest, cheapest thing there, they always treat me as if I bought the most expensive.
  11. I LOVE the LV store in South Coast Plaza, Cali! I was there to shop for my dad's wallet but I ended up playing with all the handbags in that store for over 2 hrs while I was waiting for my friend to call me. lol That store won my heart! I'm definitely going back to that same SA to get my Damier speedy next year!
  12. The LV sales staff are nice if you are there to try on the look of a bag and think about buying them. However the after sales service is another story. Their attitude makes me want to support the fakes. They have an after sales repair department at their flagship store on 5th ave and 57th. UGH.....
    Yes, the buckle on my Papillon fell apart on me and my bag "fell apart" on day 3 of regular use. So I had to take it to their repairs department. It took them months to get it fixed.
  13. I would have demanded an exchange. My friend had a bag that literally just broke on her, it was a monogram matte (is that was it was called, I cant remember, but it was the solid black leather with embosed logo the bag was about 1500). The strap just broke off from the metal piece that connected the bag and strap. We happened to be right next to the LV store when it happened. We walked in and they said they would have to send it for repairs and it would take weeks, she had not even had the bag but maybe 6 months. She was upset and didnt want it repaired bc it would take too long(and it was the only nice bag she had). So I found my SA and I demanded that the bag be replaced, not repaired and they had no problem doing that. If your bag is that new there is no reason for it to break , next time you should say how unacceptable it is and say you would perfer a new one, they should accomidate you.