Bravo Summer House

  1. not sure if there is a thread, not even sure if it warrants it...was going to post this in Vanderpump Rules.

    when did Rose wine become a big deal? people always sneered at all i see is rose.
  2. I've been watching. This show is messy, lol. Thirty-somethings drinking all weekend and fighting over nonsense. I'm surprised the married twin is even on this show..somehow I guess the twins were somehow a package deal although they aren't attractive. Also, getting up 3 hours after allegedly drinking yourself into oblivion and hitting the highway?, seems more than a tad unsafe.
  3. the twin seems desperate, and she shouldn't be....but she's just looking for a husband, and has carl on her approved list.
  4. Carl, who has no real interest in anyone. LOL
  5. Ha I was going to start a thread on this the other day! Glad I am not the only one watching. I don't even know how Lindsey and Christina are friends - they clearly have no love lost for the other. I would be kind of pissed if I worked at home and someone wanted to bring their interns over to work as well. She should have been better prepared for transitioning to a new company.
    Ashley (that's the unmarried twin right?) is soooooooooo desperate. She needs to really back off Carl. He's kind of a doucher anyway, wanting to hook up with two people in the same house, but he has clearly shown he is not interested and she still keeps trying to reel him back!! She is too old to be acting like that.
    Kyle cracks me up even though he is about 12 years old emotionally. Homie just wants to have a good time.
    I am totally here for the drama. The Housewives have all gotten to be too much of the same for me so I prefer the newer shows like Below Deck, Summer House, etc.
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  6. he wears his pants too tight, like man jeggings.
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  7. All the fighting stressed me out- I couldn't finish the last episode.
  8. I had at on series record but canceled it after watching about 3 episodes. Same show of 30 year olds drinking and cat fighting. Bravo needs to come up with something fresh.
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  9. I'm embarrassed to admit I've started watching this LOL. I even watched Below Deck and Timber Creek Lodge. I've sunk to a new low!
  10. I recorded this series and just watched them all in one go.
    They all seem nice until the drinking starts.
    It's a weird lifestyle, to work hard all week, and the to get drunk all weekend - I could maybe understand if they were in their 20's, but that's not the case.
    Is this really how they spend their whole summer?
    It can't be cheap to rent that house for the summer. Do they just rent it for the weekends or for the whole summer?

    And that guy Carl is not interested in the twin, only a hook-up if there's nothing else going on.
    It's embarrassing that she throws herself at him, and that she's thinking boyfriend/marraige material and he just wants a booty call.
  11. The house is in Montauk..I don't think it would be that expensive. This season Bravo is footing the bill, but who knows what kind of houses they've (allegedly) rented together previously.
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  12. They rent for the entire summer. One of the Million Dollar Listing shows had someone trying to rent for the summer in the Hamptons and it was a few hundred thousand dollars. I'm sure Bravo is paying and supposedly previous years were probably far less glamorous.

    ETA - @TC1 types faster than I do. :smile:
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  13. Thanks for the info. I went to Google and saw where Montauk was.
    I do remember the year on RHWNY when Alex and Simon rented a place in the Hamptons and saying it was expensive, and not much of a house - really small and quirky.

    And I guess Bravo can afford something a bit nicer for them.
  14. The fit model Jacquelyn reminds me of the curly headed girl from Below Deck - both super flirts and they look kind of similar to me.