Bratz Doll Uses Profanity

  1. Family: Child's Bratz Doll Uses Profanity

    POSTED: 8:21 am EST December 27, 2006
    UPDATED: 2:05 pm EST December 27, 2006

    A family in Florida is angry over a new Bratz doll that apparently uses profanity while singing, according to a Local 6 News report.

    Miami resident Luis Arce said his daughter, 6-year-old Kristina, received a Bratz doll named Jade during Christmas.
    Arce said when the toy began to sing, it used the "F" and "B" words, according to the report.
    "I actually heard at the end some bad words, and I was freaking out," Arce said. "I was very upset about it. I'm very disgusted of the lyrics of what I heard myself. We don't use profanity at home."
    Local 6 reported that when Arce played the song for the manager of the store where he purchased the doll, the manager offered to take the doll back.
    Arce said he wants answers from the company and to possibly force a recall of the toy.
    A South Florida television station tried to reach the toy's manufacturer, MGA Entertainment, for comment but its calls were not returned.
    Watch Local 6 News for more on this story.
  2. Those dolls are just bad news! Totally inappropriate for little girls IMO.
  3. Sometimes I think some smart a** in the company screws around with the recordings. The same thing happened awhile ago with some kids DVD and it turned out to be porn instead of a Barney movie or something.
    And the Taco Bell chihuahua that was sold apparently said something wrong..and the bat from Anastasia given away at McDonalds was believe to have said "tequila." Those happened a few years ago..I remember because I have that bat.
    Lol...definitely not just has happened a LOT.
  4. Like those hidden 'treats' in Disney Movies:

    The old cover of The Little Mermaid showed a castle in the background. One of the towers of the castle looked like a dildo.

    On the ship during Eric and Ursula's wedding, the priest looked like he was aroused.

    In The Lion King, when adult Simba flops down on the grass, some leaves are kicked up and blown away. If you pause it at some point when the leaves are in the sky, they spell out 'sex.'
  5. Those dolls are disgusting and my child will never never ever have one!! Not just because of incidents like these, but because they dress like sluts and they're not something I would like my 3+ yo pretending to be / looking up to
  6. pair that with this thread and you've got such a great little toy there...
  7. I was actually inspired by that thread to post this one.

    I was looking on wikipedia to find an explanation as to how that much weed could fit inside a Bratz doll's head.

    I stumbled across the profanity issue.

    I find it odd that the same doll that won Family Fun magazine's Toy of the Year award and TIA People's Choice Toy of the Year award could be so 'unwholesome.'
  8. was the weed actually IN the dolls head? or was it just back behind it with the packaging? (if it was in the head, did the girl rip off the dolls head or what?)
  9. I agree with LVBabydoll, I think it's some worker who screws up, and messes things up. I don't think any company will sell that kind of product.
  10. :ninja:
  11. I've always thought those dolls were ridiculous and inappropriate for children. There's an attempt to be hip and urban that's just coming off as trashy.
  12. ^^ I agree!
  13. ^^ Agreed. They're even more unrealistically proportioned than Barbie. They look like plastic surgery gone totally wrong with a little eating disorder thrown in for good measure.
  14. Same here:yucky:
  15. I hate those Dolls or anything Bratz, who wants a hooker looking doll as a role model for a childs playtime...... I am glad my daughter hates them, she always thought they were scary looking. She is quite happy with her Barbies. The sad thing is all these little girls age 5 in my neighborhood just want is like the hottest toy around. Funny how the parents a year ago swore they would never buy Bratz and now they loaded up for Christmas with Bratz everything. These are the same kids that want to wear makeup too-what will they want at 10? Marketing companies do a good least my daughter still wants to be a little girl and is happy to have normal toys. Littlest Pet Shop keeps her happy.