Brat or Johnny?


Please pick one

  1. Brat Pitt

  2. Johnny Depp

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  1. Even before POC, I've always liked Johnny Depp better.

    P.S. Brad
  2. Johnny Depp!!! A man of my dreams (hope my bf will not read this:shame::graucho:) :love::love::love:
  3. As an actor - Johnny (hands down!:yes:)
    Looks wise - I think Brad is prettier (notice that I said prettier:lol:)
  4. his look and bods
    Jon Depp ( that how I call him :shame: ) great actor and rather mysterious kinda guy

    Take to bed?? BOTH
  5. I love Depp...I will take him anytime
  6. Heheheh :smile: I only like Brad Pitt in "Fight Club"
  7. hands down, Johnny Depp.:heart:
    Brad is too much of a pretty boy!
  8. JOHNNY DEPP! I love him and have since his 21 Jump St. days....
  9. Johnny has him beat in every category IMO.
  10. [​IMG]
    Always & Forever Johnny Depp!!!
    End of story.
  12. Brad any day for me....even if I am the only one.
  13. Johnny..Brad seems alittle bit boring but just as gorgeous..but definately Johnny no doubt.
  14. They're both gorgeous looking, but I vote for Johnny Depp. He's smart, mysterious, sexy, and non-Hollywood type. He's something extraordinary & unexpected. He's a brilliant actor, very diverse in his roles. I love him!!
  15. Johnny Depp. He's a bit odd, and a little bit of a bad bay-and still very cute!