Brat Camp

  1. From Wikipedia:

    Brat Camp is a reality TV show about a group of misbehaving teenagers who are sent away to a special camp located in the Utah desert. Originally a UK show by Twenty Twenty Television shown on Channel 4, an American version premiered on ABC on July 13, 2005. These special camps are either wilderness therapy programs, also known as therapeutic outdoor education, or residential treatment centres.
    The show won an International Emmy. The American version of Brat Camp was cancelled on August 24, 2005, but is being aired in Canada on Slice as of early 2007.

    I watched the American version when it first aired, and now I watch it every Friday night on Slice. They finished the American season and are now showing the UK version.

    Part of me feels sympathy towards the campers. The other part of me realizes that they were sent to the camp because they were completely out of control at home and now they have to learn to respect authority figures.

  2. Things were tough for me living at home, and I remember my when my mom got mad at me, she would threaten to send me somewhere like Brat Camp (although she didn't know that Brat Camp existed).

    I used to say to her "You try that and they would laugh at you!" and now, watching this show, I was right. I wasn't doing drugs, I wasn't a drinker and I wasn't permiscuous. Her reasons for wanting to send me there were 1) it was out of anger and 2) she couldn't control me anymore.