Brass vs. Nickel Hardware?

  1. I love all the new spring Coach handbags...BUT... I like the nickel (silver) hardware better. I don't like the brass (gold) hardware, I never wear gold jewerly. I have notice that all the really great "new" handbags all have brass hardware. What do you think?
    Do you have this problem too?:hysteric:
  2. I actually like the brass better in most cases. I wear both white gold and yellow gold jewelry. I don't worry about bag hardware matching my jewelry.
  3. I have to admit, I really don't care for the brass hardware either. It looks great on a lot of the bags, it's just not for me.
  4. I don't mind mixing silver and gold since I think of them as neutrals but I honestly like shiny gold better than brass. I like the Carly hardware better than the Legacy hardware and wish they'd do some Legacy bags with that instead. I also like the brushed silver on some bags better than the shiny silver. (my chelsea hobo has brushed silver and it's very pretty) Or a matte gold would be nice, like on my Hayden-Harnett bag! Ok, I'll hush now.....
  5. i'm not a fan of brass...luckily, my shoulder bag doesn't have much of it (unlike my satchel)! and i absolutely cannot mix nickel and brass.
  6. I use to be a matchy-matchy with hardware/jewelry but it doesn't bother me anymore.I like my bag to "stand-out" from my total appearance.
  7. hmmm i love them both.
  8. I love the nickel, this legacy is the first thing I have owned with brass, but I like the look with the whiskey color bag, not sure how nickel would look with this color leather. I ONLY wear silver jewelry, but I don't match my jewelry to my bags.
  9. I usually where a platinum ring and silver jewelry, but I really like the brass hardware on the legacy line. I think it has a more classic look than gold or nickel hardware.
  10. I like both but everything must match.
  11. I definitely prefer the nickel versus brass. That is one thing I do not care about on my new duffle, but oh well...

  12. I definitely prefer nickel over brass, and that's why I won't be buying any more bags until they bring back the nickel hardware.
  13. I hate the brass hardware. It's the reason why I can't get into the new Carly and new Duffle bags at all. I would love one of the new Sig. Duffles, but I hate brass hardware, so I can cross that off my want list.
  14. The hardware doesn't bug me at all...thank goodness. I love brass & nickel.
  15. I prefer Nickle but if I love the purse brass is just fine....but I won't wear gold jewelry.