Brass rusting on bag!!!

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  1. I had bought my mandarin speedy 2.5 months ago, used it twice..I took it out to wear this weekend..and guess what!! the freaking handle rings are rusted!!!!! Has this happened to anyone else. Louis vuitton is freaking ghetto now. All of the LV's that ive had for so many years are still shiny and new. I dont think i will be purchasing lv again. I did go back to the store and they are replacing the metal parts for free but its going to take 1.5 months for me to get it back again!! ugh. :evil:
  2. I've never had this problem, but I've only had mine for about a year, but that is really unbelievable! Sorry to hear about that!
  3. Wow .... what's up with that? I'd be very annoyed too! Why such a long wait to get your bag back? I tell ya LV is really something else.
  4. They say it will take 4 weeks IF they have the rings in stock, but if will take 6 weeks. I would really check all of your LV's just to make sure that you dont see rust. I didnt even notice until i was at home and it was sitting on my table!
  5. I've never heard that happen before. Don't let that prevent you from purchasing LVs and like you said the rest of your LV bags are still shiny and new.
    The wait is long, I asked for the zipper to be replaced on my epi pochette and they said it will take a month. I can either decline or authorize repair. Hopefully, all goes well this time around.
  6. The brass can be polished to look like new with BRASSO which can be purchased in the household cleaners aisles at Vons, Safeway, or any grocery store etc. I've used this before and it works great. However, be careful if there is vachetta involved not to get it on there.