brass/khaki/gold heritage stripe

  1. Has anybody been able to order this yet? I would much rather have the gold version than the white and believe me the brass/khaki/white is NOT the same as this, the leather accents on the bottom are gold! Also, I wonder if it is available in large?
  2. I'd call JAX about it if you're interested in it. I like it alot too but I'm too undecided about it. Let us know if you call and find anything out about it!
  3. I did call, she kept saying brass/khaki/white and something about a brass/black/pink not being available yet. Apparently it comes in 9 colors!
  4. stunning bag!
  5. Wow, that is GORGEOUS! I like this a lot better!
  6. Awesome Bag!
  7. I think this is also my favorite color/combo in this bag. It just flows nicely and goes well with the khaki. LOVE IT! :tup:
  8. That gold is beautiful!!!!


    OMG! I NEED to see what that looks like!!!!!!

  9. Oh, I see. Sometimes CS can be so annoying. Do you have a store nearby? Maybe a SA could help. I don't have a store so have to rely on calling JAX and sometimes they are not the most helpful bunch! I call during the day though. It seems like the daytime CS reps are more helpful than the night ones. I hope you find something out. I love this color combo too!
  10. OMG Yeah i think I'm def. going to wait for this one?

    So it will be black signature with a pink stripe and brass hardware? That's how I see it? OMG I want to know more!
  11. wow this bag is gorgeous!!!!!
  12. UHHH no not another one please lol
  13. lol CoachGirl.. I also said that when I saw this color combo. I have the pink one and it was love at first sight! Then saw this one, and yes the same feeling!
    AwesomeJones,, do you have a pic of the white one?
  14. She said that there is no brass/khaki/gold combo? I'm confused?
  15. I originally saw a picture of this bag in this gold color combo on the Japan site...I posted it last week sometime.

    I wasn't sure if it was coming to the states or not...