Brass hardware

  1. I started buying Coach a few years ago. I've noticed lately that most of the new bags have brass hardware. While I like the brass hardware, I like silver better. I have not bought much during PCE because I'm looking for more with silver hardware.

    Does anyone else feel this way? Or am I all alone?
  2. I asked the sa about this and she said it was because gold in general was so hot right now

    she didn't know when more silver would be coming back

    I hated the gold at first bc I wear platinum and silver jewelry, but now I've gotten used to it and can handle it
  3. i much prefer silver, but brass is okay in small doses for me...
  4. I do like the hardware on the bags even though I pretty much only wear silver colored jewlery, however I wish there was more consistency with the bag hardware and accesories. I'd like if the charm or keyfob matched a bit more with the bag hardware, kwim
  5. wasn't it not silver...well, silver in color, but actually it being nickle?? yeah, i'm pretty sure it was this situation, just wanted to have extra confirmation.
  6. I hate gold and only wear silver.. but since that is all coach has, and it is more dull and brassy I can handle it, I like above though, wish they matched it with their keychains and such!!
  7. yes, nickel.
  8. I am the opposite, I only like brass/gold. I think it makes it look richer.
  9. hehe, i'm actually not much for silver hardware. To me it just looks cheaper. I'm not sure why i feel that way. I don't really wear that much silver anyway though. I have golden blonde hair so i like to wear a lot of gold and bronze.

    However, i do have bags with silver hardware that I really like. I think a lot of it just has to do with what looks better on the bag. I think the vintage leathers are best complimented by the brass hardware and we've been seeing a lot of vintage leather.

    I think the soho usually has silver hardware though.
  10. I wear mostly silver and white gold jewelry exclusively and only have silver hardware on shoes, belts, etc. So, it took some getting used to having brass hardware, as much as it looks great on its own. I don't think it clashes TOO much for me to be a deal breaker. But it would be nice having a silver hardware option!
  11. I also prefer silver/nickel over gold/brass. My only Coach bag with gold is my Ali and I don't think I'd buy any others with gold.
  12. In general I'm more of a silver person, but I think they have the right hardware on the right bags. The soho bags are about the only ones with the nickel hardware and it looks good because it's minimal....could you imagine a carly with all that nickel on it? The brass just blends better with most of the bags.
  13. I did prefer the nickel hardware on the bags when it was available, however, even though I only wear platinum and white gold, sterling silver, the brass hardware really doesn't bother me. I don't feel like my jewelry has to match my bag.
  14. i agree, i prefer the silvertone over brass anyday. i too have been watching and waiting for another nice bag with silver hardware with no luck :sad:
  15. I used to only carry bags with silver hardware. I remember being really disappointed when the 65th Anniversary Legacy was released because brass just wasn't my thing. Since then, I fell in love with the brass because I think it has a very rich look to it (not rich, as in expensive; rich, as in fine workmanship). I still have a couple bags with silver hardware and I still like them, but I can now appreciate both hardware colors.