Brass hardware with gold cadena?

  1. Hello all sweetiemuffkins,

    If there is a kind soul who could post a picture of a gold cadena with the original brass hardware I would be very grateful:love:

    I just want to see if they "go" together.
  2. Sorry Nola. I don't have a brass kelly, but I would love to see a pic. I believe S'Mom has a vintage kelly with brass HW. Paging S'mom...

  3. I've been wondering about matching too. The hardware on my birkin is brushed gold and I finally found & ordered a regular gold 2002 cadena(I love hand symbols & our wedding was '02). Will post pics when it arrives.
  4. Can I just say thank you for calling me sweetiemuffkins? I love it! New pet name for DH , woo woo!

    I call him Lovepants, and he calls me Kissyboots. :smile:

    That is probably material for another thread.

    I wish I had pics to help you with your question. I imagine it may do alright together...
  5. Brass anyone??????

    Here's the brass on a vintage Croc Kelly circa 1950's and on Black Box circa 1960's.....
    Brasshdware1.jpg Brasshdware2.jpg
  6. when they replace brass, do you get new brass? or gold?
  7. I believe it's new brass--I had a turnlock plate on a 1960s Kelly replaced earlier this year and it appeared to be new brass, though I didn't specifically ask.
  8. Here's a pic of the new turnlock, and a pic of the old closing straps. They both look like brass to me though I could of course be wrong.
    kelly3.jpg kelly4.jpg
  9. Candace-Lol your welcome, that´s what we call our cats sometimes so it´s stuck with me.

    S´mom and Cynthia thanks for the pics, now if you got gold cadenas could you take a pictures so we could see how they match? Thank you! It´s hard to know what matches since I don´t have a store near where I could try the cadenas on.
  10. I think it might work in some peculiar refreshing way. But then again it is coming from someone who's been contemplating about pall hardware with gold cadena. I never had a courage to actually try it on though :shame:
  11. does the brass tarnish? I know that it usually does.