brass hardware help

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  1. does anyone know how to keep the brass hardware from scratching besides not using the pushlocks?
  2. Good question.... I don't know. Usually I let the plastic stay on as long as possible to protect it.
  3. aww darnit. does the gold hardware or nickel hardware scratch easily?
  4. tis true! part of the nature of MJ im affraid...i actually dont mind it so much on my them even more vintage quirky character...although if i had shiny hardware instead of antiqued brass, i could see where it'd bother me.
  5. I think a jeweler could polish it up for you if it gets scratched...

    I read here that you can use nailpolish to cover metal parts and prevent tarnishing and maintain shine. Maybe it will help prevent scratches as well?

    Reader's Digest nail polish link