Brass Hardware and Silver?

  1. I've noticed that a lot of jewellery and shoes and even accents on clothes are silver/pewter/platinum, but most LV's have the brass hardware (esp. my pomme sunset) do you think it would clash to wear something with such obvious golden colour with shoes etc that are silver tones? Would you wear it?

    Sorry mods if something like this exists - I couldn't search:shame:.
  2. i just get weird mixing silver hardware with gold hardware. like i can't carry a bag that has silver hardware but a wallet with gold hardware. it just bothers me. i was so excited for epi cassis and to get an amarante wallet to go with it but then i realized all vernis has gold hardware and i got sad :sad: can't do it. and same with bag bag charms must be gold if i'm putting it on a bag with gold hardware, etc.
  3. I used to be very "no mix" until about 2 years ago when I got a Chloe bag that mixed hardware on the bag itself. I guess then I just got used to that. I usually go for an overall tone, but my bag can be all gold, and I can be all silver.
    Even if I wear gold jewelry (which I used to never do) my wedding ring is platinum, so I'll always mix a bit.

    Metals go with other metals. Now I'm working on patterns.
  4. Yeah, I feel exactly how both of you do, I'm not sure I like the look of both of the metal colours together but I'm also not sure if it's just 'cause I'm not used to it.
    I'm sure I would think that someone with mixed metals looks good but I wouldn't be sure I was doing it right.
    I think it's the same with all black and mono, I think people who wear it like that look stylish but I'm not sure it looks right on me, KWIM?
  5. Mixed metals tend to annoy me. It really bugs me when people put gold charms on bags that have silver hardware.
  6. I'm still a little hesitant about mixing metals. I think it's fine, but for me I guess I'm just not that brave yet.
  7. I think it's fine if it's on the bag, and the rest of your outfit calls for silver jewelry-- you can't help that. I tend to wear mostly gold now, but it does bother me to clash metals.

    What really bugs me is the new silver hardware on the epi line-- I totally want an epi ivoire lockit, but I just bought an inclusion speedy charm with golden hardware.... so now I'm wondering if I should buy the one silver hardware inclusion speedy (the new one).... grrr!
  8. Yeah... I wouldn't clash gold with silver hardware either. :s
  9. nope everything has to match perfectlly, im ok with small leather goods inside the bag but not a bag and jewelery accesories etc...
  10. I guess I'm the odd one out here, I mix colors all the time. I don't personally feel like I have to be TOO matchy matchy, I think it feels more carefree when the metal colors I'm wearing don't perfectly match, right down to the hardware on my bag.
    I can't help it that certain pieces I like have the gold plated hardware and the jewelry I wear has more silver/white gold (I'm not a huge yellow gold fan for jewelry).

    The ONLY time I do it is when I'm carrying a Miroir bag.
  11. I only wear platinum or white gold jewelry and accessories but most LV bags have gold hardware so I decided long ago to not worry about the mixing of metals! Otherwise, I would never be able to carry most of my LV's!

  12. Thanks everyone, I really do appreciate the opinions. I guess as long as it's not too in your face obvious, it's okay. It's just that the sunset does have A LOT of brass hardware, so I'll be careful with the amount of silver/pewter in the dress/shoes. The pomme pops anyway so all black would be just fine with it.
  13. I agree with everything you said! lol

    I mix jewelery all the time. Silver, gold, pearls, plastic, bring them on!

    However, I do find it awkward that some people would wear all solid colored and neutral clothing, then all of a sudden, there'd be a splash of red, orange, pink, or some other bright pair of shoes...
  14. That is why I want the Gold Heart, I like the silver but it would clash with my LV bags. I still cant mix either, I think it looks odd.
  15. Mixing gold and silver is hot and totally in! Look at all the fashion mags......this is what is THE LOOK! You just have to get over it and go with it. I wear gold/silver bangles all the time to pull it all together.